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Admission info session with United Arab Emirates University held

Tsinghua SIGS held an admission information session online for students from United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) on May 24. The event was the school's first admission information session with an Asian Universities Alliance (AUA) member university. It was organized by the Tsinghua SIGS Admissions Office and supported by UAEU.

Jong Mui Choo, assistant professor at the Institute of Environment and Ecology, delivered opening remarks. She introduced SIGS's “6+1” interdisciplinary theme areas, internationalization, and campus life and shared the upcoming Global Summer School program information with UAEU students.

Fu Xiao from the Institute of Environment and Ecology, Sun Bo from the Institute of Materials Research, Dong Yuhan from the Institute of Data and Information, Qiao Yang from Open FIESTA, Liu Xiao from the Institute of Biopharmaceutical and Health Engineering, Shen Xinwei and Ouyang Zhongkun from the Institute for Ocean Engineering - seven professors and staff members from 6 recruiting institutes and programs - delivered information on teaching resources, academic research, future development, and international educational features of Tsinghua SIGS. The Admissions Office and Office of Academic Affairs discussed admission requirements and the financial aid system and held an interactive Q&A session. UAEU students actively asked questions about the Global Summer School and expressed interest in joining the program on campus in late June.

Associate Professor Jong Mui Choo, who was also involved in the planning of the info session, reflected on the event, “It is exciting to see that the connection established under the Asian Universities Alliance between Tsinghua SIGS and UAEU has transcended into a fruitful info session on Master's and Ph.D. opportunities at Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School. The session was initiated to introduce to prospective students at UAEU about Tsinghua SIGS, including the different postgraduate programs offered here. It is especially encouraging to see that participating students from UAE were keen to interact to learn more about Tsinghua SIGS. It is also hoped that such an info session will instigate further collaborations between the two universities, with the anticipated outcome of creating impact via educational and research programs. Most importantly, the bigger aim is to help enrich postgraduate students' experiential learning through our international programs.”

The Asian Universities Alliance (AUA) aims to strengthen cooperation among member universities to jointly address the challenges facing Asia and the world, especially the common problems encountered in higher education, economic, scientific, and technological development. Tsinghua University, which held the founding presidency of the alliance, is engaged in high-quality exchanges and cooperation with the 14 other higher education institutions from 14 Asian countries and regions in AUA. This event is the first time for SIGS to coordinate with an AUA member university to hold a one-on-one info session, which has gained strong support and positive feedback. SIGS will continue to promote institutional cooperation with AUA member universities and attract more international talents.


Source: Admissions Office

Edited by Alena Shish & Yuan Yang