Zao House 2.0 Exhibition

The Zao House 2.0 Exhibition, Reinventing the House: Exploring Innovative Solutions for Urban Living, has opened on the first floor of the Information Building!

The exhibition explores new ways of thinking about the production of housing, including modularity, prefabrication, integrated systems, energy efficiency, environmental and economic sustainability, and a radical redefinition of the “smart house.” The multi-media exhibit includes a conceptual design proposal for a modular living system, a functional prototype for a robotic wall, models, and graphics. The project concept and exhibition were designed and fabricated by Zao Lab at the Institute of Future Human Habitats under the direction of Professor Terrence M. Curry, PhD, AIA.

Scenes from the opening ceremony of the exhibition

Exhibition Info

Dates: October 22 - December 15

Location: Exhibition Hall, Information Building, SIGS campus

The exhibition is free to the public.


Source: Institute of Future Human Habitats

Edited by Alena Shish & Yuan Yang