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Second Global Affairs Series lecture focuses on Central Asia

On November 23, the second lecture of the Global Affairs Series, Central Asia—China's Western Neighbor, was held in the lecture hall on the second floor of the Information Building.

Yang Shu, director of the Institute of Central Asian Studies of Lanzhou University, was invited to be the keynote speaker. About 150 people, including faculty, students, and staff from across University Town as well as alumni, attended the lecture. The event was moderated by SIGS Associate Dean Zhang Chuanjie.

Keynote speaker Professor Yang Shu

At the start of the lecture, Yang introduced Central Asia from several aspects: geography and resources, history, demographics, religion, economy, higher education, and foreign relations. He highlighted the importance of studying the differences between different countries in Central Asia and formulating country-specific foreign policies.

Yang also emphasized the importance of Central Asia in China’s foreign relations and promoting stronger ties between China and the region. He also pointed out the urgency of improving the level of research on Central Asia.

After the lecture, Yang answered questions from the audience. Questions ranged from the impact of Central Asian countries' policies on neighboring countries, ways to learn more about the region, the region’s business environment, and cultural customs and etiquette.

The Global Affairs Series is a forum initiated by Tsinghua SIGS and organized by the Office of Communications & Outreach. The forum aims to offer the latest research on global affairs and an opportunity for the exchange of insights and observations through lectures from experts and scholars. It is open to University Town schools as well as sister universities and schools and professionals from various industries in Shenzhen.


Written by Alena Shish

Edited by Yuan Yang

Photos by Huang Yinsi