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Drama meets literature at SIGS Reading Month event

On the evening of November 25, the "Drama Meets Classics” theatrical reading event took place on the outdoor lawn at SIGS.图片包含 人们, 一群, 游戏机, 男人  描述已自动生成

Members of the Nanshan Yunxiang Reading Club, SIGS Graduate Union, the student drama group, and literary enthusiasts from the school broadcast station participated in the event. Performers, primarily from the school drama group and broadcast station, read excerpts from three works of Chinese literature. 

Audiences experienced the vicissitudes of life depicted in Tu Qiao’s White Deer Plain, the diverse aspects of human life in Lu Yao’s The Ordinary World, and the historical progress portrayed in Chen Zhongshi’s The Biography of Yuan Geng. 

The stage setup for this event adopted an outdoor setting with a three-sided stage, achieving an artistic effect where the drama enveloped both inside and outside of the performance. Creating an immersive experience, the event offered attendees a new way to experience literature and injected new artistic vitality into this year's Reading Month.

“I believe that reading is the best way to broaden one's horizons. It was through reading that I became interested in China, eventually leading me to choose to study and work here,” said Sophia Dooley, a SIGS staff member who attended the event. “The work that left the deepest impression on me was White Deer Plain. The exquisite stage design made the audience feel as if they were in the vast grasslands, experiencing the grandeur and tragedy of that particular historical period.” 

Student Wang Nan reflected, “Through the outstanding performances of the actors and the carefully designed stage presentations, the individual not only gained a better understanding of the stories in the novels but also felt a deeper appreciation for the profound changes in modern Chinese history.”一群人在台上表演  低可信度描述已自动生成


The Drama Meets Classics theatrical reading event was hosted by the Publicity Department of the CPC Nanshan District Committee and Nanshan Federation of Literary and Art Circles and organized by the Nanshan Yunxiang Reading Club and Tsinghua SIGS. The event is a part of Shenzhen Reading Month activities.


Reported & Written by Dou Dihang & Wu Heng 

Edited by Alena Shish & Yuan Yang

Photos by Nanshan Yunxiang Reading Club