Technology Transfer
Transforming research outcomes into real-world impact.


Our vision is to develop a systematic technology transfer infrastructure to ensure that research outcomes of the university result in products and services that benefit the public. 

We hope to transform innovations from concept to real world impact, guide technological advancement and advocate for national technology transfer initiatives, promote knowledge implementation and dissemination for the benefit of the Greater Bay Area and global society, and bridge universities' international connections with researchers, entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Data Insights
  • 9787

    Publications in SCI, EI and CSSCI journals up until 2019
  • 12

    State-wide Awards
  • 91

    Provincial and Ministerial Awards
  • 135

    Other Technology Awards
  • 2590

    Applications for Chinese Patents
  • 1276

    Authorized Patents
  • 130

    Applications for PCT International Patents
  • 57

    Applications for Foreign Patents
  • 30

    Obtained Foreign Authorization
  • 1890

    Horizontal Projects

Successful cases

  • Graphite and graphene material research achieves tech transfer
    Research on graphite and graphene materials for lithium-ion batteries by the Energy Materials Innovation Team of Tsinghua SIGS received second prize in the 2018 National Technology Invention Awards and achieved tech transfer.
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