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7th International Forum on Graphene in Shenzhen successfully held online

The 7th International Forum on Graphene in Shenzhen was successfully held online on July 4th. Hosted by the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, and organized by Tsinghua SIGS, the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Shenzhen Geim Graphene Center and other institutes, the forum attracted more than 2,000 viewers worldwide on its online platforms.

The forum focused on topics of graphene, novel 2D materials and nano-carbon materials, as well the preparation of two-dimensional materials, applications and industrial development. It aims to promote global graphite research and industrial application, and strengthen international cooperation and exchange between scientists and entrepreneurs at home and abroad. The forum was chaired by Academician Hui-Ming Cheng and SIGS Associate Dean Prof. Feiyu Kang.



Seven world-renowned materials, physical and chemical scientists were invited to present at the forum, including 2010 Physics Nobel Prize winner Prof. Kostyra Novoselov from the National University of Singapore, Prof. Yury Gogotsi from Drexel University, Prof. Manish Chhowalla from University of Cambridge, Prof. Qikun Xue from Tsinghua University, Prof. Zhongfan Liu and Prof. Jin Zhang from Peking University, as well as Prof Libo Gao from Nanjing University.

Speakers presented on topics such as “Materials in the Flatland”, “2D Carbides (MXenes) - New Horizons in the World of Carbon-Based Materials”, “Low loss electronics concepts based on 2D semiconductors”, and had engaging discussions with the audience on issues such as bird dropping-doped graphene, Magic-angle Graphene Superlattices, and other future directions in graphene scientific research and industry application.


This is the tenth year since graphene discovery won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. Major breakthroughs have been achieved in the research and industrialization of graphene and other two-dimensional materials in the past decade, but many areas remain open for further discovery. The forum injected new inspiration for research in the field, and also pointed out future directions for industrial application.

Held annually since 2014, the International Forum on Graphene plays a significant role in accelerating the advancement and integration of cutting-edge graphene research and industrial application in Shenzhen, and enhancing the competitiveness of Shenzhen’s new energy industry.

Photos by Zhang Wenbin 

Edited by Karen Lee