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    Master of Electronic Information

    IID (Internet + Innovation Design) Program

    Open FIESTA

    Open FIESTAOpen Faculty for Innovation, Education, Science, Technology and Artis co-established by Tsinghua University and the Center for Research and Interdisciplinary (CRI, Paris) in June 2015. Located on the SIGS campus, the Center aims to integrate global innovation resources, develop exponential technologies and disruptive paradigms to catalyze global innovation for sustainability, and nurture students who are creative, entrepreneurial and with a strong sense of social responsibility.

    Open FIESTA is looking for excellent students from all over the world who are open-minded, passionate, and willing to be a change-makers to join our master programs.


    As well stated in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, the world is facing unprecedented fast-growing challenges, including multi-faceted economic, social, climatic and environmental crises.

    To train our next generation to be innovative problems solvers, new programs are needed so that students can not only learn through research, but create new knowledge. Meta-skills, such as learning to learn, criticizing constructively, or collaborating with people of different backgrounds, are skills that help us excel in this changing environment.

    Thus, top universities have to evolve with redefined strategies to adapt to this urgent need of higher education in the 21st century.


    Open FIESTA will build a global hub and a worldwide network to foster next generation research, education and innovation at Tsinghua University. It is dedicated to:

    • Prototyping a new model of a university for the 21st century;

    • Cultivating the next generation innovators;

    • Building a worldwide open community for interdisciplinary discovery and innovation;

    • Exploring solutions for sustainable development and innovation.

    Tsinghua University

    • Top university in China and Top 16 in QS World University Rankings 2020

    • One of 18 most beautiful campuses around the world;

    • High quality and diverse research: 136 scientific research institutions and 159 national research institutions;

    • Over 50,000 full-time students, more than 3000 international students.

    Center for Research and Interdisciplinary (CRI, Paris)

    • A presidential project of education innovation in France;

    • Recognized internationally as a pioneering program for interdisciplinary and innovation education;

    • Open mentorship and flexible pedagogy to support students to develop their own research and innovation projects;

    • CRI offers three degree programs integrated in the Bettencourt curriculum: an undergraduate, masters and doctoral program involving Paris-Descartes and Paris-Diderot University.

    Tsinghua SIGS

    As the sole branch campus of Tsinghua University, the Shenzhen International Graduate School (SIGS) serves as Tsinghua's scientific research and graduate education platform in southern China. It is committed to continuing Tsinghua's academic legacy and promoting scientific innovation. Launched on 29 March 2019, Tsinghua SIGS is a collaboration between Tsinghua University and the Shenzhen Municipal Government that builds on the strengths and experiences of the Graduate School at Shenzhen (GSST) and the Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI). It aims to bring together world-class faculty and students, tackle global challenges through cutting edge research and international collaboration, and nurture the next generation of global leaders by creating an International, Borderless, and Entrepreneurial learning environment. 

    An International City- Shenzhen

    • The first special economic zone in China's reform and opening up;

    • China's most innovative cities (2011 Forbes list);

    • Ranked second in 'the world's most economically competitive cities' list (British 'Economist', 2012);

    • Ranked ninth in the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI 26)  

    • GDP: 3rd in China; Growth rate of emerging technology industry GDP: 1st in China;

    • China's youngest city, average age of its citizens is 29.5 years old;

    • PCT international patent applications and ownership: Ranks first in China with the largest number of effective invention patent ownerships per million people

    IID (Internet + Innovation Design)

    Master’s program in IID (Internet + Innovation Design) is on the frontier of interdisciplinary internet thinking and innovation, covering education, art, public management, environmental protection and finance. The program promotes comprehensive understanding and cutting-edge innovation in fields related to the internet and interdisciplinary design.

    As an innovative design research program oriented to the frontiers of information technology and interdisciplinary fields, students with backgrounds in information technology, design art, humanities, and social sciences, and mechanical engineering, and other fields are welcomed.

    Program Highlights

    • The program permits graduates to design their own courses of study with curriculum, internships and projects that span various disciplines.

    • Each graduate is required to complete at least two innovative practice projects which are interdisciplinary and of academic innovation value. Each project period is about 6 months.

    • Each graduate student will have an international mentor team from different backgrounds to help draw up a personalized curriculum and research project.

    Registration & Degree

    The program lasts for 2 to 3 years with two study options:

    1. Students will study at Tsinghua University for 2 to 3 years. Those who complete the required credits and meet the Tsinghua University Master's degree requirements will be awarded a Master's degree in Electronic Information.

    2. Students will study at Tsinghua University for the first academic year, study at CRI in Paris for the second year, and return to Tsinghua for the last year. Those who complete the required credits and meet the requirements for master's degrees both at Tsinghua University and Paris Descartes University (Paris V) will receive a double master's degree from the two universities. Students who only meet the Tsinghua University Master's degree requirements, will only be awarded a master's degree from Tsinghua University.

    Qualification of Applicants

    • Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport.

    • The applicant should have a bachelor’s degree or have the equivalent educational background of a bachelor’s degree.

    • Details of the programs will be stated as follows:


    085400 电子信息 Electronic Information

    10 互联网+创新设计 Internet+Innovation Design

    清华大学-法国巴黎交叉创新研究院联合培养硕士学位项目 Tsinghua-CRI Joint Master Program

    • Applicants should be in good health and of good character, be well-behaved and be willing to abide by China's laws and regulations, as well as Tsinghua’s rules.

    Application Process

    Applicants should complete an Online Application on the website of the THU Graduate Programs Application System for International Students (http://gradadmission.tsinghua.edu.cn) during the designated THU application period. Applicants should fill in the application information online, upload the application documents listed below to the Online Application System, and pay the application fee online at the time of submission.

    Documents for application

    • Personal statement.

    • Degree certificate. (who will not graduate before the application deadline must provide a pre-graduation certificate from their current academic institution. In this case, the degree certificate must be submitted before registration.)

    • Academic transcript

    • Two academic recommendation letters from scholars who have the title of associate professor or higher, or senior professionals in a related academic field. Please follow the instructions on the online system for submission of online recommendation letters or upload the recommendation letters signed by references.

    • Passport personal information page (personal and ordinary passport).


    Study in CHINA (per 1 year):

    • Application Fee: RMB 800 (one-off charge)

    • Tuition Fee: RMB 33,000/year

    • Accidental Injury and Hospitalization Insurance: RMB 800/year

    • Accommodation Fee: RMB 1000/month in Shenzhen campus


    Dormitory rooms will be automatically reserved for international students. Students do not need to apply on their own. Housing for admitted international students is coordinated by the University Town of Shenzhen (UTSZ).

    Scholarship & Financial Aid

    Scholarship/ Financial Aid


    Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS)

    RMB 74,200-79,200

    Chinese Government Scholarship, usually covers tuition, stipend, on-campus accommodation, and medical insurance. Annual Review is strictly required.

    The Tuition Scholarship

    The Tuition Scholarships cover full or partial tuition fee support with a duration of one academic year. Applicants may apply for Tuition Scholarships annually (competitive).

    Shenzhen Graduate Student grants

    RMB 7,200/year

    (RMB 600/month*12)

    Open FIESTA Financial aid for Full-time international students

    RMB 14,400/year

    (RMB 1200/month*12)

    For more scholarship information, please refer to: http://gradadmission.tsinghua.edu.cn/f/yzlxs/yz_lxs_kstzb/view?id=76262

    Contact Us

    Open FIESTA: http://www.fiesta.tsinghua.edu.cn/

    CRI: http://cri-paris.org/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/openfiestacenter/

    Open FIESTA Address: Room 207B, Building J, Tsinghua Campus, the University Town, Shenzhen 518055, P.R.CHINA