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    Major: Earth Resources and Environment

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    The Tsinghua University-Kanazawa University Double Master's Degree Program in Resources and Environmental Engineering aims to cultivate high-level talents with international perspectives, advanced concepts and professional abilities. This program is a 3-year degree course. All the students shall complete one-year study (two regular semesters) at the partner university during the program. The credits are mutually recognized enriching options of courses. The program adopts a 'dual supervisor' system, whereby Chinese and Japanese supervisors establish advisor teams to guide students through course selection and thesis research. Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded a full-time Master of Engineering Degree in Resources and Environmental Engineering by Tsinghua University and a Master's Degree in Engineering by Kanazawa University in Japan. Students from both universities will be exempt from tuition at the partner university.

    Pogram Features

    · Combining the strengths of top Chinese and Japanese universities

    Tsinghua University is a world leader in environmental disciplines, while Kanazawa University has a long history and is a member of Japan's Top Global Universities Program.  The joint training of the two universities in related professional fields is conducive to interdisciplinary training and cultivate high-level innovative talents.


    · Focused on International Course Training

    This program is designed jointly by the two universities, and will be taught in English. While credits for basic courses are mutually recognized, specialized courses are offered to reflect the national conditions of both countries and the characteristics of transnational cooperation. The course of study focuses on cultural exchange and international relations, as well as multidisciplinary cross-cultural and professional development, enabling the students to fully understand the cultures and ideas of different countries, and to grasp the ways of international cooperation, so as to become high-end talents with international perspective and solid theoretical foundations as well as good professional accomplishments.


    · Cross-country professional practice

    The six-month professional practice program is divided into two sessions in environmental protection enterprises, government departments, research institutions and NGOs in both China and Japan. This will help students understand the cultural concepts, social policies and principles for dealing with international relations between the two countries.



    Both universities own high-level faculties with extensive overseas learning and working experience, and rich research and teaching experience in the field of environmental engineering. The program also has industry experts in relevant fields taking up the positions of off-campus supervisors, who are widely involved in course teaching, professional practice, student supervision etc.

    For details of the full-time faculty at Tsinghua University, please see:


    For details of the full-time faculty at Kanazawa University, Japan, please see:



    Admissions Overview

    Students are required to apply for the Resources and Environmental Engineering (Environmental Engineering) program according to the current year's prospectus and admission instructions of Tsinghua University. After enrollment, you can apply for the Tsinghua University-Kanazawa University Double Master's Degree Program. After completing the application process of Kanazawa University and participating in the comprehensive assessment and being admitted, you can enter the program.


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