• Environmental Science and New Energy Technology (Global Environment and New Energy Technology)
    Fall丨Master’s Program
    Major: Environmental Science and New Energy Technology
  • Program Introduction

    The Master of Environmental Science and New Energy Technology program is dedicated to training global engineering leaders and future entrepreneurs who attributes to solve major regional and global challenges of human concern. It prepares students for innovative work in the fields of environmental science and engineering technology, energy materials, and low-dimensional materials. The program is a full-time program taught in English with a study period of 2-3 years. The program is based in Shenzhen and designed as an educational model integrated cross-sectional research and innovative practice. Students will be awarded an academic Master's degree by Tsinghua University after they meet the requirement of Tsinghua Master degrees’ standards.

    It is a new interdisciplinary oriented to the future development needs of society. The program has great foundation in teaching and research, with excellent international faculty and specially-designed curriculum system which can support the future development of the disciplines. In terms of the dissertation, students will carry out research based on practical problems and develop innovative research methods as well as technical solutions. Through course study, comprehensive ability training and the dissertation, the program will provide global talents expertise in high-quality environmental and newenergy technology.


    Research   Area

    0830J2 Environmental Science and New Energy Technology

    01Full-timeGlobal Environment and New Energy Technology

    Materials  Physics and Materials Chemistry

    Materials   Engineering

    Environmental   Engineering


    The program has a world-class faculty, including more than 50 full-time faculty members from Institute
    of Materials Research and Institute of Environment and Ecology.

    Details of the full-time faculty members, please check the link below.

    • Materials Physics and Materials Chemistry Track

    Materials Engineering Track


    • Environmental Engineering Track



    • Materials Physics and Materials Chemistry and Materials Engineering

    Ms. Zhang, Institute of Materials Research

    Tel: 0755-86954061

    Email: zhang.jie@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn

    •  Environmental Engineering

    Ms. Sun, Institute of Environment and Ecology

    Tel: 0755-86134687

    Email: admissions.iee@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn