• Materials & Chemical Engineering (Evidence-based Health Engineering)
    Fall丨Master’s Program
    Major: Materials and Chemical Engineering
  • Overview

    To train a new generation of scientists and engineers with world-leading research and development capabilities and manufacturing skills in technologies and products related to the field of human health. Established in 2022, this program is oriented to the international scientific frontier and major needs of the Health China strategy. It is an emerging engineering discipline with high intersection of chemical engineering and technology, bioengineering, food engineering, biomedical science, chemistry, physics, materials science, electronic information science, etc. It creates a new field of evidence-based health engineering based on the integration of multiple disciplines, and cultivates various high-quality talents with the ability of innovation, creativity and engineering practice of interdisciplinary disciplines in all aspects.


    Who can apply

    This program involves multiple disciplines, such as chemical engineering and technology, food science and engineering, light technology and engineering, biological engineering, materials science and engineering, chemistry, biology, biomedical engineering, physics, optical engineering and agricultural engineering. Students from the forementioned disciplines or related disciplines are eligible to apply.



    Relying on the long-term cooperation foundation between Tsinghua University and Tokyo Institute of Technology, this program provides students with overseas resources and requires students to take overseas study module. We support students for expanding and enhancing international perspective and innovative and entrepreneurial abilities.



    Xing Xinhui, Ma Lan, Peter E. Lobie, He Yonghong, Ma Hui, Wu Yaojiong, Guan Tian, Tan Ying, Vijay Kumar Pandey, Liu Xiao, Qin Peiwu, Zeng Nan, Wu Jian, Gao Dan, Xu Naihan, Ma Shaohua, Li Xinghui, Tatsuhisa Tsuboi, Wang Runming, Zhang Chanyang



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