• Logistics Engineering and Management (Smart Logistics)
    Fall丨Master’s Program
    Major: Logistics Engineering and Management
  • Program Overview

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    Program Objectives

    The program is tailored to cultivate high-end talents in smart logistics who are globally competitive and adopt an international perspective. Graduates are expected to be competitive in smart logistics engineering, technical management and cross-cultural exchange, and apply interdisciplinary knowledge including logistics engineering, information technology and data science in various logistics scenarios along the “Belt and Road”. By attending relevant courses, engaging in professional practice and doing thesis research, the students will grow into technical leaders or industry managers in smart logistics who can integrate international experience into Chinese practice.


    • A curriculum framework integrating logistics engineering with data information technology:

    The program makes the most of the edge of the Institute of Data and Information over interdisciplinary education by devising a curriculum framework integrating logistics engineering with data information science and covering data analysis, technological innovation and management decision-making of smart logistics;

    • Professional practice-based thesis research:

    The program expects students to study cases and practices about the intelligent transformation of logistics, and contribute Chinese-style solutions to the intelligent transformation of countries along the “Belt and Road”;

    • Diversified and interdisciplinary faculty:

     Students enrolled in the program will attend courses taught by faculty members specialized in logistics engineering, information technology and data science, professors from prestigious domestic and overseas 

    universities, as well as senior managers from top enterprises;

    • Application of smart logistics in the “Belt and Road” Initiative:

    The program provides students with opportunities to engage in various professional practice scenarios along the “Belt and Road” Initiative by cooperating with leading domestic and international logistics enterprises.

    Enrollment method and size

    The program accepts applications from international students and students from Hongkong, Macau,Taiwan, China. Interview or evaluation will be organized for applicants. The applications shall obtain Bachelor’s degree in logistics, information, management and other relevant disciplines. 10-15 students will be admitted in the first phase.

    Professional degree category

    Students enrolled in the program will be awarded a full-time professional Master’s degree in Logistics Engineering and Management (code: 125604) after submitting the thesis as required and pass the thesis defense.

    Training mode

    Master of Logistics Engineering and Management (Smart Logistics) is an English-taught program, and English will be the language of instruction for all professional courses. The program requires full-time engagement.

    Length of study

    2-3 years.


    Faculty members for logistics engineering and management, data science and information technology at SIGS form the backbone teaching force of the program, which also share courses with artificial intelligence and big data among other disciplines. Currently, there are 20 full-time faculty members for logistics engineering and management, data science and information technology.

    Industry collaboration

    We have established close and extensive collaborations with leading enterprises in the logistics and transportation industry, encompassing teaching, scientific research, and student training. Our collaborative partners include SF Express, Meituan, Huawei, CIMC, and among others. The robust foundation of enterprise cooperation provides substantial support for the professional practice and research conducted within the Smart Logistics project.

    Contact Us 

    Ms. Shao, Program Coordinator

    Tel: 0755 - 86962674

    Email: logistics@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn

    Office Hour: 8:30-12:00, 13:30-17:30, M-F