• Resources and Environmental Engineering (Tsinghua University-Kyoto University Double Master's Degree Program)
    Fall丨Master’s Program
    Major: Resources and Environmental Engineering
  • About

    In response to China's environmental management and technology needs, Tsinghua University and Kyoto University's environmental disciplines have cooperated to establish this double master's degree program. The program utilizes the leading advantages of the two universities in the global environmental discipline, through the curriculum learning and professional practice of the two universities, to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with global vision and committed to solving regional environmental problems, to provide talent support for the development of environmental protection industry and environmental management, and to promote the sustainable development of the global environment and society. Students from both universities will be exempt from tuition at the partner university.


    Program Highlights

    • Regional and International Perspective

    • Combination of theory and practice

    • Integration of management and technology

    • All-round research exchange


    Program Schedule

    This program offers a three-year Master Program to Kyoto University students and Tsinghua University students. All the students shall complete one-year study (two regular semesters) of course work, professional practice and thesis work at the partner university during the program. The credits are mutually recognized enriching options of courses. Students should complete the courses and credits required by the two universities, and submit a graduation thesis with different contents to the two universities respectively. After meeting the degree awarding requirements of the two universities, students will be granted master’s degrees from both universities.


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