Student Activities

At SIGS, life outside of academics is vibrant and fun. That means you can learn street dancing with the DK5s Street Dance Company, go on morning runs organized by the Marathon Association and improve your photography skills with the Light and Shadow Photography Association. See below for a list of student organizations that enrich your student life at Tsinghua SIGS. 

Graduate Student Union

With a mission to serve the SIGS student community, the Graduate Student Union of Tsinghua SIGS, founded in 2004, works to create an atmosphere that is conducive to academic research, an environment that is pleasant for living and learning, and a campus culture that advocates the right values. Under the guidance of the University's Graduate Student Union and the school's Graduate Student Affairs Office, it strives to be a home for students, a bridge that bring faculty members and students together, and a training base for leaders. It is committed to serving students wholeheartedly, and will contribute to the school's endeavor to nurture students with a global vision, an open mindset, and innovative capabilities.

Clubs and Associations
The Qingfen Student Reporter Team is involved in the news reporting of major school events, conducting interviews and covering special events. The team usually has 20 students and accepts new applications every fall semester. In the past, the team has conducted alumni interviews, attended media training, newspaper group visits and other activities.
Established in 2016, the Swimming Association aims to unite swimming enthusiasts, promote swimming among students and organize activities and exchanges with swimming associations inside and outside school. Membership is open for teachers and students of SIGS and the University Town to join.
The Psychological Association was established in 2005 and operates under the guidance of the School’s Counseling Services Center. By organizing various campus activities, the association aims to spread knowledge of physical and mental health and serve students development and personal growth.
The DK5s Street Dance Company aims to bring together students who love hip-hop and provide a platform for hip-hop lovers to communicate and perform. The dance company has participated in cultural evenings hosted by Tsinghua SIGS and the University Town, giving wonderful performances at the Qingshen Orientation Party and University Town New Years Eve Party. The group also offers a beginners hip-hop training course for teachers and students of SIGS, so that more people can experience the joy and f
The Wood Art Association was established in 2016 with the aims to promote wood art so that more students are exposed to and develop interest in it. The association organizes activities to improve students artistic literacy, design skills, and recognition of wood and timber through studying and creating wood art.
Open to all teachers and students of the University Town, the Marathon Association calls for all runners to join. Continuing Tsinghuas sports traditions, it has carried out a series of successful events such as the University Town Half Marathon, University Town Music Run, Summer Athletics Meet and National Day Memorial Run.
Established in 2005, the SIGS English Association organizes activities for students to learn and speak more English outside of the classroom. Regular events include English Corner, Public Speaking Contest and more.
The Tennis Association actively promotes tennis for students at SIGS. The association has carried out many tennis-related activities and competitions, such as the Decathlon Cup University Town Tennis Invitational Tournament and University Town Games Tennis Tournament to enrich student life outside of academics.
The SIGS Student Career Development Association was established in 2005 to aid students professional career development and job searching.
With the slogan of Make our life colorful , the association brings photographers together and organizes activities to help improve photography techniques. Previous events include Shenzhen University Fall Photoshoot, as well as photoshoots at Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town (OCT).
The Basketball Association has received great enthusiasm and support since its establishment in 2006. With about 30 members, it organizes the School’s basketball league and is also responsible for selection and training of the basketball team. Past activities include the Welcome Cup Basketball League and sports culture month.