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Terrence Curry: Design as learning-by-making
Professor Terrence Curry from the Institute of Future Human Habitats was recently interviewed about his path to becoming an architect, his teaching philosophy, and his journey to SIGS. 
Tymoteusz Świstek's journey from Poland to Shenzhen
Tymoteusz Świstek, a master's graduate in Electronic Information from Poland, shares his story of coming to Shenzhen and SIGS.
SIGS Graduate Stories | Winnie Peiyuan Liu: Forging new paths
Winnie Peiyuan Liu, master’s and PhD graduate from Liaoning Province, shares her experiences interning at the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and being a cross-disciplinary researcher. 
Art theory instructor Prof. Nie Xiaomei on online teaching
The Principles of Art, a course taught by Associate Professor Nie Xiaomei, covers theories of art history and art appreciation.
My SIGS Story | Sunny Xi: Bridging across cultures
Sunny, an international student from Canada, is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Management Science and Engineering--this is his SIGS story.
My SIGS Story | Mariam O. Afolabi: An Inspiring Journey
Mariam O. Afolabi is a Master of Precision Medicine and Healthcare student at Open FIESTA -- this is her SIGS story.