Tymek Swistek


Tymek, from Poland, is a master’s student in Electronic Information (Artificial Intelligence) at SIGS. He is deeply passionate about the field of computer science and foreign languages, and completed his undergraduate studies in Information Technology at the University of Gdansk in 2014, and studied Chinese language for a year at the China Youth University of Political Studies in Beijing. After graduating, he worked as a machine vision engineer at a Polish IT company Adaptive Vision. 

“I am extremely excited to be able to combine my passion for languages and previous professional experience here at SIGS. I chose Shenzhen specifically, because of several business trips that I have taken there in the past. Shenzhen gave an impression of a very modern and vibrant city. Additionally, I see it as an advanced technology incubator as well as a place where machine vision enjoys the widest implementation. In the future,  I hope to conduct research on the application of artificial intelligence techniques in the area of industrial inspection.”