Office of Communications and Outreach

The responsibilities of the Office of Communications and Outreach include:  

  1. Managing publicity and communications; monitoring the school’s media image and handling emergency responses.    

  2. Gathering and editing school news; carrying out and expanding the school’s global communications outreach work;  managing various media platforms and accounts, such as the school’s official Chinese and English websites, overseas social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), Chinese and English official WeChat accounts, Weibo, and video platform accounts.

  3. Creating a system and team for the school’s communications work; carrying out related staff training; managing and supervising media platforms for various departments in the school; supervising and improving the quality of various information in Chinese and English.

  4. Maintaining and expanding relationships with media at home and abroad. 

  5. Standardizing the school’s visual identity design and system; advancing its application and continuous improvement.  

  6. Creating and developing a campus culture and atmosphere; planning and holding cultural activities.  

  7. Establishing a think tank management and service system to assist in building a policy research center with international influence, which provides intellectual support for Greater Bay Area and China's One Belt and Road initiatives and has a significant social impact.

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