Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences (dHSS) was established on Jan. 21st, 2021, and is a secondary institution of Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School. Its predecessors were the Division of Humanities (founded in 2002) and the Division of Social Sciences and Management (founded in 2010).

After over twenty years of exploration and development, dHSS has established clear aims

· Bringing the inherent advantages of multi- and cross-disciplinary study to the cultivation of global and innovative talents;

· Combining elds, such as sociology, philosophy, psychology, art, and management studies, with our school’s new engineering groups to explore and expand the dimensions of innovation studies and invest in existing resources, facilities, and teaching standards for the cultivation of innovative talents.

The main functions of the dHSS are:

· Instruction of foundational courses in the humanities and social sciences, developing essential cultural literacy courses for all students and introductory cultural courses for international students; providing multi-directional, multi-layered, and high-quality curricula and services; working to change the mindset of cultivating purely technical talents;

· Conducting educational scientic-based research complementary to the main task of instruction to improve teaching methods and talent cultivation;

· Continuing to administer art masters programs and cultivate high-level talents in applied design and management to join the development of cultural innovation industries in the Greater Bay Area;

· Undertaking high-level scientic-based research projects, publishing high-level research while maintaining the strengths and distinguishing characteristics of dHSS;

· Establishing a Guangdong Province Humanities and Social Science Popularization Base, proactively developing activities related to popularizing the social sciences, and making new contributions to promote the development of social science popularization projects in Guangdong;

· Operating two Key Bases for Humanities and Social Sciences in Shenzhen and other important research organizations, providing consultation where needed, maintaining the leading position in these elds in Shenzhen;

· Bringing cultural value to our campus and for our students by organizing various liberal arts forums, salons, and cultural activities, enriching campus culture.


Division of Humanities and Social Sciences Leadership

Director: Wang Pusheng

Deputy Directors: Huang Wei and Zhang Chuanjie