Division of Advanced Manufacturing

As one of the most important pillar industries for national development, advanced manufacturing is essential in China's transformation from a manufacturer of quantity to one of quality. This academic discipline plays an important role and has broad application prospects in the country’s technological development, economic prosperity, and national defense security.

The Division of Advanced Manufacturing has its origins in the Tsinghua University Department of Mechanical Engineering which was established in 1932. In response to the pressing needs of Shenzhen's local economic development, and with the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s support and on the foundation of its 80 years of experience, Tsinghua SIGS established the Division of Advanced Manufacturing in 2003.

Since 2003, the Division of Advanced Manufacturing has become an important base for talent training and scientific research for Tsinghua University, a crucial part of the establishment of world-class mechanical engineering academic disciplines, and a major support force for local scientific, technological, and economic development. The Division aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talent with an international outlook, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurial ability.

Like the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Beijing campus, Tsinghua SIGS Division of Advanced Manufacturing confers master's and doctoral degrees in two National Key Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering and Instrument Science and Technology. It cooperates closely with Technische Universität Berlin and RWTH Aachen University to offer international dual master's degree training and has established several high-quality graduate professional practice bases to make the most of the manufacturing industry in Shenzhen.

The Division of Advanced Manufacturing’s 17 faculty members, all of whom have received doctoral degrees, are in the prime of their careers and at the forefront of innovation in their fields. Over the past ten years, the Division has conferred more than 400 Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Eng. degrees, playing an important role in the development of industry and the country in the fields of research, engineering, education, and management.

The Division’s research is at the forefront of the world’s science and technology development and is closely integrated with 'Made in China 2025,' the national strategy and development plan for Chinese manufacturing. In scientific research, the Division of Advanced Manufacturing takes full advantage of Shenzhen's background in manufacturing and its thriving industrial business environment. It also employs its strengths in the intersection between the fields of optical machinery and electronics to focus on the development of intelligent equipment and instruments, precision and ultra-precision machining, precision measurement and control, micro/nanomanufacturing, bio-manufacturing, and photoelectric data storage. These priorities reflect the Division’s commitment to bringing positive transformation and innovative development to the manufacturing industry.

The Division of Advanced Manufacturing has created platforms for scientific research like the Optical Memory National Engineering Research Center Shenzhen Branch Center, Shenzhen Biomanufacturing Engineering Laboratory, LED Packaging Technology Key Lab to promote high-level scientific research and talent cultivation. Under the 12th Five-Year Plan, an economic and social initiative plan by the Chinese government, the Division of Advanced Manufacturing undertook more than 100 projects for programs such as the National High-tech R&D Program, the National Basic Research Program, the National Science and Technology Support Plan, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Science and Technology Major Project, the Macao and Hong Kong Bidding Program, and enterprise horizontal cooperation programs. These projects contributed to significant progress in research and technology transfer in the fields of precision machining and virtual manufacturing, miniaturized analytical equipment, biological 3D printing equipment, precision optical measuring instrumentation, circuit board dismantling equipment, ship vegetable intelligent growth systems, and electric vehicle power systems.

The Division of Advanced Manufacturing has established the following research institutes:

Instrument Science and Technology Research Institute

Manufacturing Technology and Systems Research Institute