• Institute of Biopharmaceutical and Health Engineering

Aiming to create value for human health and happiness
  • Goals

    The Institute of Biopharmaceutical and Health Engineering (iBHE) aims to explore the frontiers of health technology and engineering for human wellness to meet the practical needs and long-term development strategy of building a “Healthy China” as well as Shenzhen’s biotechnology industry. The strategy of iBHE is to build international first-class disciplines for providing comprehensive science solutions and awareness-based revolutionary technologies for human health and happiness by integrating pharmaceutical engineering, bioengineering, life sciences, medical sciences, chemical engineering, process and system engineering, materials engineering and other advanced discipline clusters. iBHE will focus on the development of four directions: health engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, vaccine manufacturing, and cell engineering. The institute will build a world-class talent team and create a new interdisciplinary education system in the field of biopharmaceutical and health engineering.

  • Research Areas

    Focusing on two key bottleneck issues for human health, "preventive treatment of diseases" and "prevention and cure from disease sources," our four major research directions include health engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, vaccine engineering, and cell engineering.

  • 01
    Health Engineering:
    Systems and synthetic biotechnology, discovery and evaluation of health-related bioactive factors, biocatalysis and biotransformation, bioprocess integration and optimization, and health-care product engineering.
  • 02
    Pharmaceutical Engineering:
    Pharmaceutical molecule computation and AI design, drug customized manufacturing, systematic drug evaluation, drug formulation engineering, and pharmaceutical process engineering.
  • 03
    Vaccine engineering:
    Vaccine design, vaccine expression systems, multi-omic evaluation, vaccine formulation and storage technology, as well as vaccine process and system engineering.
  • 04
    Cell Engineering:
    Cell design, cell culture technology and instrument, organoid microfluidic system and organoid engineering, and cell bioprocess engineering.