There are two stores on campus (Inlife and WandianTong) that provide a wide selection of snacks, drinks and products for daily use. You can pay with your campus card. They usually open at 08:00 and close at 23:00.

Pingshan Village Meikang Supermarket

It is the nearest supermarket to the campus, about 15 minutes’ walk or 5 minutes’ ride. It’s located in the Pingshan Village, near the University Town Subway Station.

Xili Renrenle Supermarket

Most typically Chinese brands and a few foreign brands can be found in Renrenle. You can take subway Line 7 from Xilihu to Xili or bus B736 or 36 to the Xili Labor Market and walk 5 minutes to get there. The supermarket is at the end of a side street full of shops and restaurants.

Wal-Mart Supercenter Shenzhen OCT Branch

A large selection of goods can be found at Wal-Mart. You can take Subway Line 7 from Xilihu Station to Chegongmiao, then change to Line 1 and get off at OCT station. Take Exit B and walk about 370 meters.

Shopping Malls

Xili Rainbow Shopping Mall

You can buy clothes and accessories (shoes, jewelries, bags, etc.) here and there is a supermarket on the second floor. You can take Subway Line 7 at Xilihu and get off in Xili, Exit D or take a bus B736 or 36 to the Xili Labor Market and walk 2 minutes to get there. On the ground floor are a Pizza Hut, a KFC and a Chinese fast-food joint.

COCO Park Mall

A large modern shopping mall with international brand stores, bars and coffee shops as well as a large supermarket with some international products. COCO Park is very popular with the expat community and there is a popular bar street nearby. You can take Subway Line 7 at Xilihu and change to Line 3 at ShiXia. Get off at the Shopping Park Station.

Yitian Holiday Plaza

In the plaza, you can find many international brands, a movie theater, Starbucks, an ice-skating rink and Ole supermarket, where you can buy western brand products, popular among the expatriate community of Shenzhen. You can take bus 43 to its terminus at Window of the World. You can also take Subway Line 7 at Xilihu to AntuoShan and change to Line 2. Take Exit A3 and walk for about 200 meters.


Huaqiangbei is famous for electronic products of all kinds, and it is one of the biggest markets for electronic products in Shenzhen. It is a one-stop center for quick fixes to phones, laptops, second hand products and export business. There is also an underground extension includes fashion brands and food stores. You can take the Subway Line 7 at Xilihu to Huaqiangbei directly.

Coastal City

Coastal City is another mega shopping center in Nanshan District. It’s a huge complex with many restaurants. At the ground floor, there is also a supermarket Jusco. Inside Costal City, there is an ice-skating rink and an international movie theater. The Shenzhen Poly Theater is next to Coastal City. You can take Subway Line 7 from Xilihu and change at AntuoShan to Line 2. Get off at Houhai (exit D1).


Futian Book City

A major bookstore /music store in Shenzhen, located next to Shenzhen Library.

You can take bus 237 at the Zoo to Lotus Mountain Station or bus 311 to Citizens’ Center West Station. You can also take the University Town Subway, transfer at Shenzhen North to the Longhua Line, and get out from Children’s Palace Station.

Shenzhen Book Mall

A major bookstore /music store in Shenzhen, located in Luohu district. You can take bus 101 to Diwang Building bus stop.

Nanshan Book Mall

A major bookstore /music store in Shenzhen, located in Nanshan district. You can take bus 226 to Haiya Department Store bus stop.

Online Bookstores:;;;

Electronic Products

Western Electronics (Nanshan)

A major market for electronic products in Nanshan District.You can take bus 237 at the Zoo or bus 36 to the Xili Hospital, then change to the bus 74 to Southern Airlines (Nanshan Gongsi).

Shenzhen Electronics Group SEG (Futian)

SEG, located in Huaqiangbei is at the center of a big shopping area dedicated to electronic products. SEG building is also a centre for standardised exams such as GMAT, GRE, ACCA, TOEFL etc.

Furniture & Sports Goods
IKEA, Metro, and Decathlon are located in a mega shopping area about 5km from the campus. You can take bus 43 to Ou Zhou Cheng East Station and walk for 5minutes to get there.