• Institute of Data and Information

Transforming lives and industry with the latest technologies
  • The Institute of Data and Information (iDI) adheres to the principles of innovation, crossover, integration, industrialization, and internationalization, serves and supports the needs of major national projects and development plans, and is oriented to the industrial demands and applications of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Relying on the top-tier engineering education system of Tsinghua University, iDI cooperates with the University of California, Berkeley to attract top international talents, and strives to build a world-class highland for talents in data and information-related fields, a high-level postgraduate training base, and a bridgehead in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area for the incubation and technology transfer of innovative achievements.
Seven Research Areas
  • 01
    Artificial intelligence: Machine learning, information theory, intelligent perception, medical AI, intelligent decision and control, brain science and computing camera, multidimensional computing camera and perception, high-throughput biological behavior imaging and reconstruction, intelligent recognition of cross-model observation images, neural network modeling, and cognitive mechanism theory.
  • 02
    Data science: Big data analysis, data driven theory, operations research, random processes, social network analysis, financial technology, quantum computing, intelligent computing, neuromorphic computing, cloud/edge computing, media computing, optimization theory, decision-making theory, computer simulation technology, health informatics, medical big data, and health management.
  • 03
    Robotics: Robot and control, intelligent imaging and display, computational vision and perception, medical imaging, material imaging, efficient construction technology, intelligent homes and cities, and active-aging technology.
  • 04
    IoT and Internet: Network science, internet technology, cyberspace security, 5G/6G-based optical communication, free-space optical communication, information and network control technology, integrated power system technology, electrical and traffic multi-functional system, smart grid, energy internet, energy system, cyber-physical system, and energy market.
  • 05
    Transportation and logistics: Supply chain management, logistics and transportation management, logistics and transportation imitation and optimization, traffic network flow optimization, intelligent transportation planning and optimization, traffic behavior big data, automatic driving and cooperative vehicle and infrastructure, ridesharing optimization, traffic energy consumption and emission management, coordinated management of traffic and building energy consumption, and urban emergency management.
  • 06
    Optoelectronics and circuit system: RISC-V chip design, photonic integrated chip, 3D sensing, AI chip, 5G/6G mobile communication chip, IoT chip, radio frequency integrated chip, power management integrated circuit, high-performance analog-digital converter circuit, signal processing and control integrated circuit, hardware-software co-design, high-end health care chip, micro medical device, human body wireless sensor network, intelligent diagnosis and treatment, and surgical robot circuit design.
  • 07
    Advanced manufacturing: Intelligent manufacturing, advanced sensor, MEMS sensor, flexible semiconductor, micro and nano manufacturing, intelligent factories, cloud manufacturing, intelligent equipment and system, intelligent perception and measurement, and digital twin.