• Cost & Financial Aid

  • Tuition Fee


    Major/Research Fields

    Tuition Fee of 2024


    07 Science08 Engineering12 Management

    40,000 RMB/Year


    08 Engineering

    33,000 RMB/Year

    Master of Finance

    198,000 RMB/Full Program

    Electronic Information/

    Interactive Media Design and Technology

    75,000 RMB/Year

    Earth Resources and Environment/

    Green Environmental Infrastructure

    62,000 RMB/Year

    Logistics Engineering and Management/

    Logistics Engineering and Management

    30,000 RMB/Year

    Logistics Engineering and Management/

    Smart Logistics

    36,000 RMB/Year

    Master Program in Advanced Financial Management and Big Data (Part-time)

    298,000 RMB/Full Program

    Master of Healthcare Administration/

    Master of Program in Healthcare   Administration

    150,000 RMB/Full Program


    1. Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS): The Full CGS usually covers tuition, stipend, on-campus accommodation (or accommodation subsidy), and medical insurance. The Partial CGS includes one or a few items in the Full CGS. Annual Review is strictly required for all CGS holders.

    2. Tuition Scholarship: For example, the Beijing Government Scholarship for International Students, covers full or partial tuition fee with a duration of one academic year. Applicants may apply for Tuition Scholarships annually (competitive).

    3. Financial Aid: SIGS provides living allowance 1000 RMB per month for doctor students and 600 for master’s students.

    4. Assistantship: SIGS also offers different assistantship for outstanding students: teaching assistant and research assistant. The compensation for assistantship will not be less than 9,000 RMB/semester for doctor students and 3,000 RMB/semester for master’s students.


    For more information, please check Scholarships for Prospective Full-time International Graduate Students  https://yz.tsinghua.edu.cn/en/Financial_Aid/Financial_Aid_System.htm

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