Tackling global environmental issues

  • Oriented to the core needs of high-quality development and based on the forefront of international disciplines, we are committed to studying the theory of ecological and environmental protection, investigating key technologies, cultivating high-level personnel with global competence, and providing science and technology talent support for ecological civilization and community building with a shared future for mankind.

  • Research areas
    Our six research areas include: urban environment and compound ecology, industry and special environmental protection, land and sea interactive environmental protection, regional cross-media complex pollution and environmental health, big data and system management of ecological environment, climate change and future ecological environment protection.
  • 1
    Urban Environment and Compound Ecology
    To respond to urbanization positively and improve urban ecological environments, we conduct research on urban ecosystem evolution and protection, urban atmospheric environment protection, zero waste city, and resource recovery.
  • 2
    Industry and Special Environmental Protection
    To drive green transformation of industries and improve quality of special environments, we conduct research on the prevention and control of industrial pollution, ecology and water pollution, etc.
  • 3
    Land and Sea Interactive Environmental Protection
    To improve marine ecological environment, we conduct research on interactions between land, ocean and atmosphere and its effects, marine pollution control and ecological protection.
  • 4
    Regional Cross-media Complex Pollution and Environmental Health
    To address demands in the joint protection of regional ecological environment, and prevention of high-risk pathogenic microorganisms, we conduct research in areas such as cross-media pollution, pathogenic microorganism transmission, ecological health and safety.
  • 5
    Big Data and System Management of Ecological Environment
    To meet needs for ecological environment management, we conduct research in ecological service value accounting and green policies, management of regional ecological environment, green energies and global climate governance.
  • 6
    Climate Change and Future Ecological Environment Protection
    To prepare for future environmental problems, we conduct research in aerospace environment simulation and protection, climate change impact on subtropical regions, carbon neutral cities and carbon neutral environments, deep-sea resources and ecological environmental protection.