• Getting Around

  • Transportation

    Public Transportation

    By Car

     Visitors driving their own vehicles are advised to enter through the south entrance on Xueyuan Avenue. After crossing the bridge leading into campus, follow the road to the right to reach the main parking lot, next to the University Town Management Office. For shorter visits, curbside parking is also available throughout most of campus. Refer to the map below for additional directions and clarification.

    By Bus

     Campus is accessible by three bus routes: B736, M369 West, and M369 South. All three buses provide service to the Tsinghua Campus (清华校区) stop, which is located near the campus's north gate.

    By Metro

    The closest metro station to Tsinghua SIGS is Xili Lake (西丽湖) on Line 7. Take Exit D and follow the road 200m to the campus’s side gate, or 500m to reach the north gate, both on the right. To learn more about Shenzhen’s metro system, visit their official website at http://www.szmc.net/page/eng/index.html. Additionally, you can use SZMC’s interactive map to plot routes and calculate fares from all major access points to Shenzhen (airport, train station, border crossings), available here.

    By Taxi

    Below are estimated taxi prices from major transportation hubs to Tsinghua SIGS:

    From Bao'an Airport:100 RMB

    From Shenzhen Railway Station:100 RMB

    From Shenzhen North Station:30 RMB

    From Shekou Port: 60 RMB

    From Shenzhen Bay Port: 50 RMB

    From Futian Port:  60 RMB .

  • Campus Map

Public Safety

    In cases of emergency, please call the public hotlines directly:

    119 (fire)

    110 (police)

    120 or 999 (ambulance)

    122 (traffic accidents)

    12110 Police (text message)

    0755 26032948 Campus 24h Security