• International Students & Scholars

  • International Students and Scholars Center (ISSC)

    Our center aims to provide professional and friendly services for international scholars and students at Tsinghua SIGS. We provide assistance in areas such as immigration and visa applications, scholarships, health insurance, psychological counselling and organize cultural activities for students that help promote a better understanding of Chinese culture. We combine resources from within and outside of SIGS to support global students and scholars,to help build a multicultural campus, and strengthen interactions between Chinese and foreign cultures.


    International Student Registration

    As a postgraduate student at Tsinghua University, you should register at the registration center of Tsinghua University within the required time before the semester commences. Postgraduate students cannot register if they have not paid their tuition fees or are unqualified for other registration conditions. If you are unable to register on time, you should write to the Postgraduate Academic Affairs Management Office of the schools or departments concerned and simultaneously provide relevant documents as evidence of registration problems (if you have already been assigned to a supervisor, you should ask for his/her permission first). If you do not register within the first two weeks without asking for leave or without the approval of leave, you will be expelled from the University.  

    Required Documents

    • Admission Letter, 1 Original + 2 Photocopies

    • JW201/202 Form, 1 Original

    • Passport, 1 Original + 2 Photocopies (Photocopies must include passport information page, current visa page, and the most recent immigration entry stamp)

    • Two-Inch Portrait Photo (3 Photos, White Background)

    • Degree Certificate, 1 Original + 1 Certified Copy (The degree certificate copy must be certified by the conferring institution or certification authorities)

    • Insurance: Can be purchased online ahead of time at http://oa.lhgj.net/ or in person on registration day

    Campus Life

    1.Tsinghua SIGS Campus Map 

    2.Accommodation And Housing

    Accommodation On-Campus

    Student apartments are located in the northwest of campus. We provide single rooms for international students. A request should be made at the Campus Housing Services to switch rooms. A single room costs 1000 RMB per month, payable in full or semi-annually at the beginning of every semester. A deposit is required when making the first payment.

    Single rooms are equipped with a desk and shelf, a cupboard, a chair, a 180 cm x 200 cm bed, air conditioner + remote. Each single room has its own bathroom and shower. Please note that you will be required to buy your own mattress and bedding.

    Accommodation Off-Campus

    It is the student's responsibility to secure off-campus accommodation. There are a number of apartments for rental around campus, for instance, SoFunLand,(located in Tanglang), provides decent student apartments and shuttle services for tenants. On average, off-campus accommodation is costlier than dormitories on campus.

    3.Catering And Canteen Services

    Dining On Campus

    The opening hours for the cafeterias are 07:00am-09:00am (Breakfast), 11:30am-13:00pm (Lunch), and 17:00pm-19:00pm (Dinner). If you require dietary accommodations whether for medical, religious or personal preference, please do not hesitate to inform the cafeteria staff. The SIGS campus currently has two canteens including Happy Meal Time (Kuaile Shijian 快乐时间), which has a wide range of options to cater for students with varying needs, as well as a milk tea shop Auntea Jenny's (Hushang Ayi 沪上阿姨) on its second floor. A self-service buffet canteen is also located on the 2nd floor of Heyuan No.1 (Heyuan Er Shitang 荷园2食堂).

    University Town has several other restaurants and canteens located in SIGS and other campuses. For instance, Jimmy Da Tang Restaurant is next to Happy Meal Time, Shang Shufang Café and Starbucks are located at PKU's PHBS building, while Subway, University Café and Hong Kong Bistro are located in Yanyuan, near the PKU dorms (all accessible within walking distance). On-campus meals in the canteen range from 12 RMB to 35 RMB. Food in the canteen includes rice and chicken, duck, beef, pork and fish. Eggplant, dumplings, steamed buns, mushrooms, pancakes, potatoes, and noodles are amongst the most popular dishes. There are two convenience stores at Tsinghua, near the dorms, where you can buy daily necessities, such as toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc. The stores open at 8:00am and close at midnight.

    On the west side outside University Town, there is Pingshan Village. It is famous for its late night street food. You can also find there pharmacies, massage parlors, fruit stores, bars, supermarkets, and a variety of restaurants.

    4.Teaching Facilities

    Building C is the main teaching venue on campus. It consists of three parts. CI has classrooms and lecture halls for compulsory courses and elective courses. CII is a multi-functional building and has an auditorium on the first and third floors respectively, where conferences, lectures and parties are held. CIII is designed as a study area. All the rooms here are equipped with multimedia devices and central air conditioners. Water dispensers and free WiFi are also available in the building.

    CIII Room 303 and Room 304 are remote multi-media classrooms mainly designed for local and long-distance education, excellence course recordings and multi-party video conferences.

    5.Library Services

    UTSZ Library

    The University Town Library of Shenzhen is located in the heart of University Town and serves four university campuses: Tsinghua SIGS; Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School; Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School; and Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (Chinese Academy of Sciences). It combines the functions of a public and academic library and is also open to local residents.

    The University Town Library of Shenzhen has the most abundant e-resources in Shenzhen. In order to meet the needs of local technology innovation, local business development and resident schools, the library's collection development policy places equal importance to access and asset, print and electronic resources. Collections of science, technology, business, foreign language materials and full text databases make up the library's core collections in the disciplines of electronic information, chemical biology, material science, logistic management, urban planning and environmental protection.

    To achieve the goal of resource sharing across national and regional libraries, the library has joined CALIS (China Academic Library & Information System) and has established relationships with NSTL (National Science and Technology Library) amongst other domestic and foreign institutions. The library also makes extensive use of remote access to the main campuses of the four graduate schools in order to provide local library services.

    Students have access to all services and facilities with their campus card, including databases, e-journals, e-books and the multimedia and print collections. Please refer to the library website for more information.

    Opening Hours

    Monday-Sunday: 7:30am-10:00pm (Reading Area On The Second Floor) 8:40am-10:00pm (All Service Available) 

    Website: http://lib.utsz.edu.cn/

    Tel: +86 (0755) 8886 6634

    Email: director@utsz.edu.cn

    6.University Health & Fitness Facilities

    Counselling Services

    Tsinghua University values the mental and physical well-being of its students. The Counselling Services Center provides assistance to all students and staff dealing with family issues, culture shock, academic pressure, financial problems, social anxiety and other sources of stress in order to create a supportive and healthy environment.  

    Counselling Services Center offers counselling and various kinds of counselling services to every student at Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School. Reservations should be made online (in Chinese) or by simply sending an email to psy_sztsinghua@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn stating your name, student ID, contact number and preferred appointment time. Counselling Services are available in both English and Chinese.

    All our counselors are certified by The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China (National Vocational Qualification Certificate of Psychological Counselling), Chinese Psychological Society (Certified Psychological Branch), and Chinese Association of Mental Health (Certified Psychotherapy Division).

    If you have an emergency, you can call the Counselling Services Center office at *********** (Mr. Liu) or *********** (Ms. Zhang) for further support, you can also call the Shenzhen Kangning Hospital 24 Hr psychological hotline at(0755)25629459.

    Address: Room 406 at Building Q

    Office Tel: +86 (0755) 26036736/26036070/26036875

    Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 08:30am-17:30pm

    7.Sports And Gym Facilities

    Sports Facilities At Tsinghua Campus

    Badminton and table tennis facilities are available in Building K. An athletic field, outdoor track and basketball and volleyball courts are also near the student apartments.


    There is a gym located under the bleachers next to the athletic field that students may use free of charge. It is outfitted with weight lifting equipment, but does not have treadmills. It is open from 16:30pm to 23:00pm every day except for national and school holidays.

    Shenzhen University Town Sports Center

    The Shenzhen University Town Sports Center is located in the southeast of University Town, covering an area of 17,000 sqm. It includes a gymnasium, a stadium, two swimming pools, 6 basketball courts, 11 tennis courts, 7 badminton courts, 5 table tennis tables and a football field.

    For more information about cost and opening times, please visit the Campus Facilities page. 

    8.Security Services & Emergency

    When you are in emergency, please call the public hot lines directly:

    119 (Fire)

    110 (Police)

    120 or 999 (Ambulance)

    122 (Traffic Accidents)

    12110 Police (Text Message)

    0755 26032948 Campus 24 Hr Security

    *If you are not aware of your location, you can find the nearest traffic light and read the number on it*

    9.Graduate Student Union

    The Graduate Student Union of Tsinghua SIGS, founded in 2004, is an inclusive student group run by the students of the school, featuring self-education, self-management, and self-service. With a mission of serving all students of the school, the Graduate Student Union works to create an atmosphere that is conducive to academic research, an environment where life as well as learning is pleasant, and a campus culture that advocates the right values. Employment guidance and services are a main thread that guides what the union does. Under the guidance of the university's Graduate Student Union and the school's Office of Graduate Student Administration, it strives to be a home for students, a bridge that brings faculty members and students together, and a boot camp for leaders. It is committed to serving students wholeheartedly and building itself into a democratic, open, service-oriented organization. This way, it can make unique contributions to the school's endeavors to nurture students that have a global vision, an open mindset, and the capabilities of innovation.

    For more information on student organizations, please visit the Student Activities page.  

    Visa Services & Support

    Application For Residence Permit

    Visa for study (X1 Visa) is valid for 30 days after entry into China. Students holding a X1 Visa have to have all the necessary documents ready at least 10 working days before the expiration date in order to leave enough time for making a reservation to apply for a residence permit.

    China does not accept dual citizenship, therefore, foreigners with Chinese ancestry may be asked to provide household cancellation documents when applying.

    Required Documents

    • Complete Foreigner Visa and Permit Application Form (it will be automatically generated after the online reservation is completed) *This form must also be stamped by the school*

    • Two-Inch Half-Length, Bareheaded and Front-Facing Photo with Blue Background, which should be affixed to the Application Form

    • Receipt for Digital Photo Collection in Visa for Foreigners in Guangdong and Signature of Applicant (1 Original and 1 Photocopy)

    • Original and Photocopy of Passport, with Bio-Page, Visa Page and the Page with the Seal of Latest Entry

    • JW201/202 Form (1 Original and 1 Photocopy)

    • Admission Notice (1 Original and 2 Photocopies)

    • Original Police Registration Form of Temporary Residence (obtained at the University Town Police Station or online–see 3.2.2 Step 2)

    • Physical Examination Report (1 Original and 1 Photocopy), see 3.2.2 Step 3

    Procedure For Residence Permit Application

    The application for residence permit is straightforward if the required documents are produced by the applicant. While TBSI will assist with gathering part of the documents for you from the university’s side, you are responsible for making sure that you have obtained all the necessary documents for the application of your residence permit. If you proceed to apply with missing documents, your application will not be accepted at the Nanshan District Public Security Bureau.

    Guidelines For Residence Permit Application

    Step 1: Register at the School/Institute and pay for the tuition fee and insurance.

    Step 2: Obtain the Police Registration of Temporary Residence. Foreigners are required by law to do temporary residence registration at the local police station within 24 hours after arriving in China.  

      International students shall bring the original copy and a photocopy of their passport, a 2-inch photo of themselves, and go to the University Town Police Station to complete the registration or register online. Note that the University Town Police Station has jurisdiction over University Town and processes registration forms on Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00pm-5:00pm. You can also register online by scanning the QR code on the door of your room in the dormitories. If you live off campus, you will need the housing contract and your landlord's ID card in order to register at the nearest police station.

    Step 3: If students have not taken the physical examination (including blood test), they should go to Shenzhen Kou'an Hospital of Shenzhen International Travel Healthcare Center, complete the exam and obtain a report. If you have a report from a doctor of your own country, you shall verify it at Shenzhen Kou'an Hospital of Shenzhen International Travel Healthcare Center, and re-take the examination if the report is not qualified by the hospital.

    Step 4: Get your passport-sized photos taken.**We caution you to have these photos taken in Shenzhen** Photo studios should be able to give you the Receipt for Digital Photo Collection in Visa for Foreigners in Guangdong, which you should sign. Photos unaccompanied by the Receipt for Digital Photo Collection in Visa for Foreigners in Guangdong will not be accepted. The Exit-Entry Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau also provides this service, so you can have the photos taken on the same day as the residence permit application submission (ask to use the photo booth at Shenzhen Kou'an Hosptial for this purpose).  

    Step 5: Complete The Visa and Permit Application Form at http://www.szga.gov.cn/ and confirm your reservation. After verifying your reservation, bring the application form for stamping along with all the required documents and photocopies to be submitted for the residence permit application.

    Step 6: Proceed to submit your application for the residence permit at the Nanshan District Public Security Bureau at The Exit-Entry Administration Department. The address is:广东省深圳市南山区南山大道3018号

      Note that the adjudication process takes 14 working days. You will not be able to leave China during that period. The receipt given to you after you turn in your application and passport will serve as your identification document within China until you can collect your passport.

    The permit is normally valid for one year. You will need to renew the permit annually, hence, keep all your original and official documents in a safe place.

    Fees Associated With Residence Permit Application

    These fees may differ from one person to another. This is approximately the costs associated with the application for your residence permit:

    • Your Residence Permit will cost 800 RMB

    • Passport Sized Photos cost 60 RMB in Photo Studios and 30 RMB at The Shenzhen Exit-Entry Department

    • The Physical Examination Report is free for the first time. If you have been in China before, it then will cost around 700 RMB

    Contact Us 

    General Enquiry: 0755-86533495

    Visa Services & Support: 0755-26036015

    Email: international@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn
    Address: Building A, Room 111
    Office Hours: 9:00am-12:00pm,13:30pm-17:30pm

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