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    Jul. 2015 - Jun. 2020, Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, China

    Jul. 2011 - Jun. 2015, bachelor in Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, China

    Professional Experience

    Jul. 2022 - present, Assistant Professor / Special Researcher, Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, China

    Dec. 2020 - May. 2022, Postdoc Researcher / Research Associate, Imperial College London, UK

    Jun. 2019 - Sep. 2019, Visiting Scholar, Monash University, Australia

    Jul. 2016 - Jun. 2020, Undergraduate Tutor, Tsinghua University, China

    Additional Positions

    Member of China Civil Engineering Society (CCES);

    Reviewer of Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, Engineering Structures, Structures, etc.


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  • Current Courses

    Principle of Reinforced Concrete

    Master’s & Ph.D. Advising

    Recruit Master and PhD students:

    1. Applicants should have an engineering background, and have or will obtain a relevant bachelor's or master's degree;

    2. Applicants who are interested in research or work related to civil engineering, preferred with research or practical backgrounds in mechanical analysis, structural analysis, numerical and finite element analysis, structural testing, algorithm development, artificial intelligence, etc.

    3. Applicants should have good self-learning ability, independent work ability, self-motivating ability, written and oral English skills.


    Recruit Postdoc Researchers with related backgrounds:

    1. Applicants should be under the age of 35, have obtained a doctoral degree within 3 years, and have good research or technical skills;

    2. The college offers highly competitive salary packages, with a total annual income of more than 350k RMB, including Shenzhen post-doctoral subsidies etc., as well as other additional rewards or subsidies according to Shenzhen policies if the requirements are met;

    3. The research group offers sufficient research funds, and helps to apply for postdoc research funds.


    For further information, please send resume and work / research plan to:

  • Research Interests

    Dr Guo has been engaged in the researches of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures for a long time, and focuses on the Development and Application of Composite Structures in Ocean Engineering. His research interests include:

    (1) Novel steel-concrete composite structures including steel plate-concrete structures (SCS/SC), spatial composite beam-slab system (BS), concrete filled steel tubes (CFST), etc., of which the application scenarios include subsea immersed tunnels, offshore platforms, offshore turbines, river/sea-cross bridges, underground structures, large-span floors, protective structures, structural repairs and reinforcements, etc., with the emphases on structural analyses related to hydro environment;

    (2) Green concrete materials and the applications in composite structures, using ocean-based composites, wasted rubber, recycled aggregates, geopolymers and other environmentally friendly and low carbon materials to develop novel materials and composite structures, which can be applied in different scenarios and serve the sustainable development;

    (3) High-performance and AI-aided computing, developing high-efficiency numerical methods suitable for different material characteristics, structural forms, and application backgrounds, studying the cross-application of artificial intelligence and structural design, and studying the cross-application of artificial intelligence and earthquake engineering.

    The main research contents include using conceptual design, structural testing, model development, theoretical analysis, and other methods to propose novel structural systems suitable for different scenarios, analyzing the basic mechanisms, establishing design methods, and ultimately promoting engineering applications. The research goals are to establish new materials, new structures, new systems, new tools, new models, and new methods; to improve structural safety, usability, environmental friendliness, economy, and durability; and to solve engineering problems, promote engineering innovation, serve key developing strategies and engineering demands.


    Research Output

  • Selected Publications

    * Corresponding author, # Supervised student

    [1]      Guo Y., Nie X, Tao M., et al. “Bending capacity of steel-concrete-steel composite structures considering local buckling and casting imperfection”. Journal of Structural Engineering (IPF: 3.86, JCR Q1), 2019, 145(10): 04019102.

    [2]      Guo Y., Tao M., Nie X, et al. “Experimental and theoretical studies on the shear resistance of steel–concrete–steel composite structures with bidirectional steel webs”. Journal of Structural Engineering (IPF: 3.86, JCR Q1), 2018, 144(10): 04018172.

    [3]      Guo Y., Tao M., Nie X, et al. “Rigidity and moment distribution of steel-concrete composite waffle floor systems considering the spatial effect”. Engineering structures (IPF: 5.58, JCR Q1), 2017, 143: 498-510.

    [4]      Guo Y.*, Bompa D. V., Elghazouli A. Y. Nonlinear numerical assessments for the in-plane response of historic masonry walls. Engineering structures (IPF: 5.58,JCR Q1), 2022, 268: 114734.

    [5]      Guo Y., Yang Y, Song S., et al. “Shear–slip failure in steel–concrete–steel composite beams with bidirectional webs”. Thin-Walled Structures (IPF: 5.88, JCR Q1), 2021, 164: 107743.

    [6]      Guo Y., Chen J, Nie X, et al. “Investigation of the shear resistances of steel–concrete–steel composite structures with bidirectional webs”. Journal of Constructional Steel Research (IPF: 4.35, JCR Q1), 2020, 164: 105846.

    [7]      Guo Y., Nie X, Tao M., et al. “Selected series method on buckling design of stiffened steel-concrete composite plates”. Journal of Constructional Steel Research (IPF: 4.35, JCR Q1), 2019, 161: 296-308.

    [8]      Guo Y., Nie X, Tao M., et al. “Shear resistance of steel–concrete–steel deep beams with bidirectional webs”. Steel and Composite Structures (IPF: 6.14, JCR Q1), 2022, 42(3): 299-313.

    [9]      Mujdeci A.#, Guo Y.*, Bompa D. V., et al. Axial and bending behaviour of steel tubes infilled with rubberised concrete. Thin-Walled Structures (IPF: 5.88, JCR Q1), 2022, 181: 110125.

    [10]   Elghazouli A. Y., Mujdeci A.#, Bompa D. V., Guo Y.*. Experimental cyclic response of rubberised concrete-filled steel tubes. Journal of Constructional Steel Research (IPF: 4.35, JCR Q1), 2022, 199: 107622.

    [11]   Song S., Guo Y.*, Fan, J. and Elghazouli, A.Y. “Shear Contribution of Flange Dowel Action in Steel-Concrete-Steel Composite Structures”. Thin-Walled Structures (IPF: 5.88, JCR Q1), 169 (2021), 108354. (corresponding author).

    [12]   Guo Y.*, Fan J., Nie J. Shear modeling of the compartment steel-concrete-steel composite structures. 7th ACEE, Bangkok, Thailand, 22-25 Nov., 2018.

    [13]   Guo Y., Fan J., Nie J. The new trend of compartment steel-concrete-steel composite structures inimmersed tunnels. 9th ICASS, Hong Kong, China, 5-7 Dec., 2018.

    [14]   Guo Y.*, Tao M., Nie X., etc. Parameterized grillage model and computational method of steel-concrete composite waffle floor systems based on numerical simulation. 13th WCCM, New York, US, 22-27 Jul., 2018.

    [15]   Guo Y.*, Nie J., Fan J., etc. The application of steel-concrete-steel composite structures in immersed tunnels. IABSE-Engineering the Developing World, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 25-27 Apr., 2018



    [1] Guo Y., Nie X., et al. Cantilever brackets for construction of composite bridges (ZL201811488983.2 / ZL201811489002.6). (two authorized patents)

    [2] Fan JS, Xu GP, Huang QF, Tang L, Liu HZ, Guo Y., Nie X, Li HC. Bending design method for SCS submarine tunnel structures (ZL201910765278.0).

    [3] Xu GP, Nie JG, Fan JS, Tang L, Liu HZ, Huang QF, Qiu SY, Guo Y. A method to design stiffness and capacity of shear connectors used in composite tunnels (ZL201910764482.0).


  • Awards and Honors

    Liu Huixian Earthquake Engineering Scholarship (2020)

    Outstanding Doctoral Graduate and Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of Tsinghua University (2020)

    New talent Reward by the Department of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University (2020)

    Jiang Nanxiang Scholarship of Tsinghua University (2019)

    Zijing Scholar” of Tsinghua University (2019)

    Lin Feng” Tutor Award of Tsinghua University (2019)

    Most Outstanding Undergraduate Award of Tsinghua University (2014)