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    Before joining Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School in June 2021, Dr. Li has worked in the offshore engineering industry for 10 years. He was the R&D Director of Sortec Offshore Singapore, and the Floating System Manager with Bureau Veritas where he led advanced technical study and software promotion in South Asia & Australia. He was a research fellow at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, as well as an adjunct lecturer & field supervisor at Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia, and Ph.D. co-supervisor at the National University of Singapore.

    Dr. Li is an industry-recognized expert in hydrodynamics and mooring system of marine and offshore floating structures, and serves as a member of the program committee for various international conferences such as OTC Asia and APOGCE. He has 15 years of experience solving various marine hydrodynamic, sea-keeping, and station-keeping problems for marine and offshore structures, and has developed the KraKen software dedicated to fully-coupled marine offshore operation and mooring analysis. Dr. Li has led over 40 engineering consulting and advisory projects, and has also participated in applied research projects sponsored by government funding such as the Chinese NSFC, Maritime Port Authority Singapore, and Australia ARC. With rich research experience, he has authored 40 technical papers in journals and conferences.


    September 2005-March 2011, Harbin institute of Technology, Civil Engineering, PhD

    September 2001-July 2005, Tsinghua University, Civil Engineering, BE

    Professional Experience

    Additional Positions

    -    Member of Program Committee (SNAME), OTC ASIA 2018, 2020

    -    Member of Technical Program Committee, APOGCE 19

    -    Adjunct lecturer, offshore structure, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia

    -    Industrial co-supervisor of Ph.D. Candidate, National University of Singapore

    -    Reviewer of journals and international conference: Ocean Engineering, Applied Ocean Research, Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering, Journal of Marine Science and Technology, Journal of hydrodynamics, OTC, OMAE and ISOPE Conference


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  • Research Interests

    -    Hydrodynamics and sea-keeping of various offshore floating unit and novel concept

    -    Mooring system design methodology, optimization, and the nonlinear response of floating unit

    -    Wave-structure interaction and resonance for multiple floating structures

    -    Dynamics of marine operations e.g. towing, hoisting, and O&M.


    -    Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore: Development of a practical and reliable method to evaluate dynamic system of offshore LNG terminals

    -    Singapore Maritime Institute: A practical method to evaluate highly-nonlinear wave run-up on columns and air-gap for semi-submersible platforms in harsh wave environments

    -    ARC ITRH research hub for offshore floating facilities project

    Research Output

  • Selected Publications

    [1]     Binbin Li, Operability study of walk-to-work for floating wind turbine and service operation vessel in the time domain, Ocean Engineering, 108397, 2021

    [2]     Binbin Li, H Liang, X Chen, R Araujo, A Study of telescopic gangway motions in time domain during offshore operation, Ocean Engineering, 108692, 2021

    [3]     Binbin Li, Effect of hydrodynamic coupling of floating offshore wind turbine and offshore support vessel, 102707, Applied Ocean Research, 2021

    [4]     D Qiao, Binbin Li, J Yan, Y Qing, H Liang, D Ning, Transient response evaluation of FPSO with different failure scenarios of mooring linesJ. Mar. Sci. Eng. 9(2), 103, 2021

    [5]     Binbin Li, Multi-body hydrodynamic resonance and shielding effect of vessels parallel and nonparallel side-by-side, Ocean Engineering, 108188, 2020

    [6]     Binbin Li, W Huang, H Liang, An efficient method to assess effect of fins on the course stability of towing system, Ocean Engineering, 108005, 2020

    [7]     W Huang, Binbin Li, X Chen, R Araugo, Numerical and experimental studies on dynamic gangway response between monohull flotel and FPSO in non-parallel side-by-side configuration, Ocean Engineering, 149, 341-357, 2018

    [8]     D Qiao, J Yan, H Liang, D Ning, Binbin Li, J Ou, Analysis on snap load characteristics of mooring line in slack-taut process, Ocean Engineering, 106807, 2020

    [9]     D Qiao*, H Liang, W Tang, D Ning, Binbin Li, J Ou, Motion tracking control of actuator in the active-truncated model test of deep-water mooring system, Applied ocean research, 105, 102397, 2020

    [10]     Z Wang, Y M Low, Binbin Li, Stochastic analysis of the non-Gaussain airgap response of a semi-submersible using frequency domain analysis, Marine Structures, 102636, 2019

    [11]     Binbin Li, W Huang, X Chen, A numerical study of dynamic response of crane Semi-submersible along TLP in Tender-assisted drilling operation, Ships and Offshore Structures, 2018, 273-286

    [12]     W Zhao, Z Pan, F Lin, Binbin Li, PH Taylor, M Efthymiou, Estimation of gap resonance relevant to side-by-side offloading, Ocean Engineering, 153(1-9), 2018

    [13]     Binbin Li, Z Huang, Y M Low, Experimental and numerical study of the effects of heave plate on the motion of a new deep draft multi-spar platform, Journal of marine science and technology, 18, 229-246, 2012

    [14]     Binbin Li, J Ou, B Teng, Numerical investigation of damping effects on coupled heave and pitch motion of an innovative deep draft multi-spar, Journal of marine science and technology, 19(2), 231-244, 2011

    [15]     Binbin Li, J Ou, B Teng, Fully coupled effects of hull, mooring and risers model in time domain based on an innovative deep draft multi-spar, China ocean engineering, 242(2):219-234, 2010



    Ou Jinping, Li Binbin, DDMS deep draft column platform, CN101475049A


  • Awards and Honors

    -    Best paper award of China Civil Engineering Society, 2008

    -    Best paper award of National Civil Engineering Research Forum for Graduate Students, 2008