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    1991.09 - 1996.07, Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA.

    1987.10 - 1990.07, M.S. in Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

    1981.09 - 1986.07, B.S. in Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

    Professional Experience

    2021.01 - present, Professor, Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University, China.

    2018.07 - 2020.12, Professor, Environmental Science and New Energy Technology Research Center, Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute, China.

    2021.07 - present, Chair Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, China.

    2009.07 - 2021.06, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, China.

    2002.09 - 2009.06, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, China.

    1996.09 - 2002.08, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, China.

    1992.06 - 1996.08, Research Associate, Environmental Engineering Lab, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. USA.

    1990.08 - 1991.08, Assistant Environmental Engineer, Beijing District Utility Company (BDUC), China.

    1988.09 - 1990.07, Research Assistant, Department of Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University, China.

    1986.07 - 1988.08, Technician, Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Company (BYPC), China.

    Additional Positions

    Associate Editor (2013- present), Process Biochemistry, Elsevier

    Member, American Chemical Society (ACS)

    Member, International Water Association (IWA)

    Member, American Water Works Association (AWWA)

    Member, Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP)

    Member, International Association for Hydraulic Research (IAHR) - Hong Kong Chapter


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  • Current Courses

    Master’s & Ph.D. Advising

    1. Advanced technologies (AOT) in water and wastewater treatment

    2. Energy and resource recovery from wastewater and sludge

    3. Development and application of environmental functional materials

  • Research Interests

    Prof. Li is mainly engaged in the development of wastewater and sludge treatment technologies, including water reuse, sludge reduction, resource recovery from wastewater and the application of nanomaterials in wastewater treatment. His research interests include particle dynamics and interfacial phenomena, membrane technologies, membrane bioreactors, aerobic granular sludge, and electrochemical wastewater treatment, etc. He has developed theories and models for particle flocculation in water, membrane fouling, and sediment nutrient flux. Particularly, he used Fractal theory to modify the traditional dynamic model of condensation and precipitation. He is the first scholar who established the mathematical model of sludge granulation process, and at the same time, proposed the quorum sensing effect of aerobic granular sludge and its characterization method. He is also the first expert who proposed the high value sludge conversion technology based on fungal fermentation, which has been used to recover high value-added products such as mycelium fiber and yeast protein from sludge.


    1. 2020-2023, Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Council, CNY 8,000,000, PI, On-going.

    2. 2019-2022, National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program), CNY 610,000, PI, On-going.

    3. 2019-2022, Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Council, CNY3000,000, PI, On-going.

    4. 2017-2020, Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission, CNY4,790,000, PI, Finished.

    5. 2017-2020, National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program), CNY 620,000, PI, Finished.

    6. 2017-2019, Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Council, CNY 500,000, PI, Finished.

    7. 2016-2018, Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Council, CNY1,000,000, PI, Finished.

    8. 2015-2017, Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Council, CNY500,000, PI, Finished.

    Research Output


    - Book and book chapters                              3

    - SCI journal papers                                       220+

    - Total citations (ISI web of science)              14399+ 

    - H index                                                         59

    - Keynote and invited speeches                     30+

    - Conference presentations                            110+

    - Patents                                                         10+

  • Selected Publications

    1. Rui Miao, Bingpeng Ma, Pu Li, Pei Wang, Lei Wang, Xiao-yan Li. 2021. Mitigation mechanism of ozonation in the casein fouling of ultrafiltration membranes: Possible application in dairy wastewater treatment. Journal of Membrane Science (IF: 8.742), 629, 119307. 0 Cited.

    2. Rui Miao, Youya Zhou, Pei Wang, Wei Lu, Pu Li, Xiao-yan Li, Lei Wang. 2021. A comparison of effect mechanisms of chlorination and ozonation on the interfacial forces of protein at membrane surfaces and the implications for membrane fouling control. Journal of Membrane Science (IF: 8.742), 628, 119266. 0 Cited.

    3. Liyuan Zhang, Mengchen Zhang, Gongping Liu, Wanqin Jin, Xiao-yan Li. 2021. Fungal Cell WallGraphene Oxide Microcomposite Membrane for Organic Solvent Nanofiltration. Advanced Functional Materials (IF: 16.836), 2100110. 0 Cited.

    4. Rui Miao, Zihan Yang, Yaya Feng, Pei Wang, Pu Li, Lei Wang, Xiao-yan Li*. 2021. Mechanism of pre-ozonation in control of protein fouling of ultrafiltration membranes: Synergistic effect between ozone oxidation and aeration. Journal of Water Process Engineering (IF: 5.485), 41, 102038. 0 Cited.

    5. Yang Luo, Jianyu Wang, Yinghong Wu, Xiao-yan Li*, Paul K Chu, Tao Qi. 2021. Substitution of quartz and clay with fly ash in the production of architectural ceramics: A mechanistic study. Ceramics International (IF: 4.527), 47 (9), 12514-12525. 0 Cited.

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  • Awards and Honors

    2019Second-Class Award in Science and Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection, China.

    2014Second-Class State Natural Science Award, State Council, China.

    2012First-Class Award in Natural Science, Ministry of Education, China.

    2011NSFC Academic Collaboration Award, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

    2008Outstanding Overseas Young Researcher Fund, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

    2004Outstanding Young Researcher Award, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

    1997Outstanding Doctoral Thesis, Association of Environmental Engineering Professors (AEEP, now AEESP), USA.

    2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, ESI top 1% highly cited author (Environment & Ecology), ISI Web of Science.