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       2003 –2008: PhD, Shaanxi Branch of National Stem Cell Engineering Technology Research Center, Stem cell and Tissue Engineering, Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry

       1999 –2003: Bachelor, Department of Veterinary, Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry

    Professional Experience

        2013 – present: Associate Professor, Division of Advanced Manufacturing, Graduate school at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University

        2011 –2012: Lecture, Division of Advanced Manufacturing, Graduate school at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University

        2008 – 2011: Research Assistant, Lab of Stem Cell and Biomaterials, School of Pharmacy, University of Reading, UK

    Additional Positions

    Shaanxi Institute of Ophthalmology, visiting researcher

    Society of Tissue Engineering & Regeneration Medicine, Member                    

    Society of Biofabrication, Member

     Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Senior Member

    Chinese Biomaterials Society, Member

    Biomaterials, Reviewer

    Tissue Engineering, Reviewer

    Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Reviewer

    PloS One, Reviewer

    Biofabrication, Reviewer

    Scientific Report, Reviewer



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  • Current Courses

        Bio-fabrication Engineering Principles and Technology; Computer Aided Tissue Engineering; Frontier Biomedical Engineering Technologies

    Master’s & Ph.D. Advising


  • Research Interests

        Bio-fabrication; Tissue Engineering; Microfluidic Chips


    Mechanisms and theoretical research of in situ corneal regeneration and repair induced by 3D printed supramolecular hydrogel. National key research and development program (No. 2016YFC1100100). 

    Research Output

  • Selected Publications

    Dr. Mi has received government funding (including 3 national grants) for 14 projects where he was the PI; published 43 SCI papers; and applied for 19 patents, 11 of which were approved.

    Selected Publications:

    1. Shengli Mi, Xiaoman Yi, Zhichang Du, Yuanyuan Xu and Wei Sun. Construction of a liver sinusoid based on the laminar flow on chip and self-assembly of endothelia cells. Biofabrication10 (2018)025010

    2. Zhengjie Wu, Bin Kong, Rui Liu, Wei Sun and Shengli Mi*. Engineering of Corneal Tissue through an Aligned PVA/Collagen Composite Nano?brous Electrospun Scaffold. Nanomaterials 2018, 8, 124; doi:10.3390/nano8020124.

    3. Yuanyuan Xu, Xiao Guo, Shuaitao Yang, Long Li, Peng Zhang, Wei Sun, Changyong Liu and Shengli Mi*. Construction of bionic tissue engineering cartilage scaffold based on three-dimensional printing and oriented frozen technology. J Biomed Mater Res Part A: 106A: 1664–1676, 2018. (IF3.231)

    4. Xujie Liu, Yong Xie, Rui Liu, Ranran Zhang, Hao Yan, Xing Yang, Qianli Huang, Wei He, Bo Yu, Qingling Feng* , Shengli Mi*, Qiang Cai*. A cyclo-trimer of acetonitrile combining fluorescent property with ability to induce osteogenesis and its potential as multifunctional Biomaterial. Acta Biomaterialia 2018,65:163-173 (corresponding author, IF=6.319)

    5. Hongyi Yao, Jieqiong Wang and Shengli Mi* Photo Processing for Biomedical Hydrogels Design and Functionality. Polymers 2018, 10, 11:1-27. (corresponding author, IF=3.364)

    6. Sheng-li Mi, Xiao-yue Wu,Long Zeng. Optimal build orientation based on material changes for FGM parts. Int J Adv Manuf Technol.2017,published online 31 August 2017. DOI 10.1007/s00170-017-0938-1 (IF=2.209)

    7. Changyong Liu, Xingxing Cheng, Bohan Li, Zhangwei Chen, Shengli Mi*, Changshi Lao.* Fabrication and Characterization of 3D-Printed Highly-Porous 3D LiFePO4 Electrodes by Low Temperature Direct Writing Process. Materials 2017, 10, 934;-945. ( co-corresponding author, IF=2.033)

    8. Yuanyuan Xu, Xiaoyue Wu, Xiao Guo, Bin Kong, Min Zhang, Xiang Qian, Shengli Mi,* and Wei Sun*. The Boom in 3D-Printed Sensor Technology. Sensors 2017, 17, 1166; doi: 10.3390 /s 17051166. (corresponding author, IF=2.033)

    9. Kong B, Sun W, Chen G, Tang S, Li M, Shao Z, Mi S*. Tissue engineering cornea constructed with compressed collagen and laser perforated electrospun mat. Sci Rep. 2017, 20;7:970. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-01072-0. (corresponding author, IF=5.228)

    10. Xujie Liu, Tarek A. Elkhooly, Ranran Zhang, Qingling Feng*, Akash Bachhukad, Krasimir Vasilevd, Qiang Cai, Shengli Mi*. Selective deposition of CaCO3 on chemical gradient surface generated by plasma polymerization and its e?ect on cell adhesion. Materials Letters 186 (2017) 90–93. (corresponding author, IF=2.437)

    11. Mi S, Du Z, Xu Y, Wu Z, Qian X, Zhang M, Sun W. Microfluidic co-culture system for cancer migratory analysis and anti-metastatic drugs screening. Sci Rep. 2016 , 20;6:35544. doi: 10.1038/srep35544. (IF=5.578).

    12. Xujie Liu, Tarek A Elkhooly, Qianli Huang, Wei He, Qiang Cai, Qingling Feng*, and Shengli Mi*. A Facile Way to Prepare Mesoporous Spherical Calcites Controlled by Chondroitin Sulfate for Shape and Carboxymethyl Chitosan for Size. CrystEngComm, 2016, 00, 1-5. (corresponding author, IF=3.849)

    13. Liu X, Yu B, Huang Q, Liu R, Feng Q, Caiabd Q, Mi S*. In vitro BMP -2 peptide release from thiolated chitosan based hydrogel. Int J Biol Macromol. 2016 ,93 (16)314-321(corresponding author, IF=3.138)

    14. Bin Kong and Shengli Mi*. Electrospun Scaffolds for Corneal Tissue Engineering: A Review. Materials 2016, 9, 614; doi:10.3390/ma9080614(corresponding author, IF=2.728)

    15. Wu Z, Su X, Xu Y, Kong B, Sun W, Mi S*. Bioprinting three-dimensional cell-laden tissue constructs with controllable degradation. Scientific Report. 2016 19; 6:24474. doi: 10.1038/srep24474.( corresponding author, IF=5.578)

    16. Liu XN, Zhu XP, Wu J, Wu ZJ, Yin Y, Xiao XH, Su X, Kong B, Pan SY, Yang H, Cheng Y, An N1, Mi SL*. Acellular ostrich corneal stroma used as scaffold for construction of tissue-engineered cornea. Int J Ophthalmol. 2016 Mar 18;9 (3):325-31. (corresponding author, IF=0.705)

    17. Mi S*, Kong B, Wu Z, Sun W, Xu Y, Su X. A novel electrospinning setup for the fabrication of thickness-controllable 3D scaffolds with an ordered nanofibrous structure. Materials Letters 160:343-346,2015. (corresponding author, IF=2.489)

    18. Xiao X,Pan S,Liu X,Zhu X,Connon CJ,Wu J,Mi S*. In vivo study of the biocompatibility of a novel compressed collagen hydrogel scaffold for artificial corneas. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part A 102 (6):1782-1787,2014. (corresponding author, IF=2.625)

    19. Liu C, Li Y, Zhang L, Mi S, Xu Y, Sun W. Development of a novel low temperature deposition machine using screw extrusion to fabricate PLGA scaffolds. Proceedings of IMechE, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine. 2014, 228(6):593-606. (IF=1.419)

    20. Liu XN, An N, Wu J, Xu K, Zhu XP, Mi S.* Corneal ulcer caused by nocardia brasiliensis in a patient with diabetes. Int J Ophthalmology 7(2):381-383,2014. (corresponding author, IF=0.12)






  • Awards and Honors

    The 3rd Prize of Shaanxi Science & Technology Development, 2013