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    Aug. 2013 - Jul. 2018, Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University, China

    Aug. 2009 - Jul. 2013, Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, China

    Professional Experience

    Jan. 2023 - present, Assistant Professor, Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, China

    Oct. 2018 - Oct. 2022, Postdoctoral Associate, Yale University, United States

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  • Current Courses

    Master’s & Ph.D. Advising

  • Research Interests

    Reactive electrified membranes and flow-through electrodes for water treatment, resource recovery, and renewable energy production.


    Research Output

  • Selected Publications

    Xiaoxiong Wang has published over 40 journal papers with nearly 2000 citations (H-index of 22), including first- and corresponding-authored papers on Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Water, PNAS, Environmental Science & Technology, and Water Research.


    Selected Publications

    [1]. Young-Jun Kim, Zhengyang Huo, Xiaoxiong Wang#, Haojie Dai, Dong-Min Lee, In-Yong Suh, Joon-Ha Hwang, Youngwook Chung, Hyeon Yeong Lee, Ye Du, Wenbo Ding, Sang-Woo Kim. Walking-induced electrostatic charges enabling in-situ electroporated disinfection in portable water bottles. Nature Water, 2024.

    [2]. Zhengyang Huo, Xiaoxiong Wang#, Xia Huang, Menachem Elimelech. Intensifying electrified flow-through water treatment technologies via local environment modification. Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering, Special Issue “Toward a Pollution-free Planet”, 2024, 18(6): 69.

    [3]. Shuhan Ge, Wanqing Tian, Ziyi Lou, Xiaoxiong Wang*, Linlan Zhuang, Jian Zhang. Long-term toxicity assessment of antibiotics against Vibrio fischeri: test method optimization and mixture toxicity prediction. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2024, 469: 133933.

    [4]. Xiaoxiong Wang, Xuanhao Wu, Wen Ma, Xuechen Zhou, Shuo Zhang, Dahong Huang, Lea R. Winter, Jae-Hong Kim, Menachem Elimelech. Free-standing membrane incorporating single-atom catalysts for ultrafast electro-reduction of low-concentration nitrate. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2023, 120(11): e2217703120.

    [5]. Chungseok Choi, Xiaoxiong Wang#, Soonho Kwon, James L. Hart, Conor L. Rooney, Nia J. Harmon, Quynh P. Sam, Judy J. Cha, William A. Goddard III, Menachem Elimelech, Hailiang Wang. Efficient electrocatalytic valorization of chlorinated organic water pollutant to ethylene. Nature Nanotechnology, 2023, 18: 160-167.

    [6]. Kuichang Zuo, Sergi Garcia-Segura, Gabriel A. Cerrón-Calle, Fengyang Chen, Xiaoyin Tian, Xiaoxiong Wang, Xiaochuan Huang, Haotian Wang, Pedro J. J. Alvarez, Jun Lou, Menachem Elimelech, Qilin Li. Electrified water treatment: fundamentals and roles of electrode materials. Nature Reviews Materials, 2023, 8: 472-490.

    [7]. Xiaoxiong Wang, Tong Wang, Tianyuan Zhang, Lea R. Winter, Jinghan Di, Qingshi Tu, Hongying Hu, Edgar Hertwich, Julie B. Zimmerman, Menachem Elimelech. Microalgae commercialization using renewable lignocellulose is economically and environmentally viable. Environmental Science & Technology, 2023, 57(2): 1144-1156.

    [8]. Zhengyang Huo, Lea R. Winter, Xiaoxiong Wang*, Ye Du, Yinhu Wu, Uwe Hübner, Hongying Hu, Menachem Elimelech. Synergistic nanowire-enhanced electroporation and electro-chlorination for highly efficient water disinfection. Environmental Science & Technology, 2022, 56(15): 10925-10934.

    [9]. Meng Sun, Xiaoxiong Wang#, Lea R. Winter, Yumeng Zhao, Wen Ma, Tayler Hedtke, Jae-Hong Kim, Menachem Elimelech. Electrified membranes for water treatment applications. ACS ES&T Engineering, 2021, 1 (4): 725-752. (Most read article)

    [10]. Xiaoxiong Wang, Meng Sun, Yumeng Zhao, Chi Wang, Wen Ma, Michael S. Wong, Menachem Elimelech. In situ electrochemical generation of reactive chlorine species for efficient ultrafiltration membrane self-cleaning. Environmental Science & Technology, 2020, 54 (11): 6997-7007.

    [11]. Yumeng Zhao, Meng Sun, Xiaoxiong Wang, Chi Wang, Dongwei Lu, Wen Ma, Sebastian A. Kube, Jun Ma, Menachem Elimelech. Janus electrocatalytic flow-through membrane enables highly selective singlet oxygen production. Nature Communications, 2020, 11(1): 1-10.

    [12]. Xiaoxiong Wang, Tianyuan Zhang, Guohua Dao, Zibin Xu, Yinhu Wu, Hongying Hu. Assessment and mechanisms of microalgae growth inhibition by phosphonates: Effects of intrinsic toxicity and complexation. Water Research, 2020, 186: 116333.

    [13]. Xiaoxiong Wang, Guohua Dao, Linlan Zhuang, Tianyuan Zhang, Yinhu Wu, Hongying Hu. Enhanced simultaneous removal of nitrogen, phosphorous, hardness, and methylisothiazolinone from reverse osmosis concentrate by suspended-solid phase cultivation of Scenedesmus sp. LX1. Environment International, 2020, 139: 105685.

    [14]. Xiaoxiong Wang, Wenlong Wang, Guohua Dao, Zibin Xu, Tianyuan Zhang, Yinhu Wu, Hongying Hu. Mechanism and kinetics of methylisothiazolinone removal by cultivation of Scenedesmus sp. LX1. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2020, 386: 121959.

    [15]. Xiaoxiong Wang, Yinhu Wu, Tianyuan Zhang, Xueqiao Xu, Guohua Dao, Hongying Hu. Simultaneous nitrogen, phosphorous, and hardness removal from reverse osmosis concentrate by microalgae cultivation. Water Research, 2016, 94: 215-224.

    (#Co-first author, *Corresponding author)




  • Awards and Honors

    National Distinguished Young Scholar of China