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Address: 1503A, Information Building, Tsinghua Campus, University Town of Shenzhen, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, 518055, P.R. China

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    2012.09-2016.11, Norwegian University of Life Science, Environmental Sciences, Ph.D.

    2009.09-2012.07, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Environmental Sciences, M.S.

    2005.09-2009.07, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Environmental Engineering, B.E.

    Professional Experience

    2022.03-presesnt, Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, Assistant Professor.

    2020.04-2022.02, Jinan University, Associate Professor

    2016.12-2020.02, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA), ETH Domain, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Additional Positions

    Youth Editorial Board Member of Chinese Journal of Soil Science

    Members of American Geophysical Union (AGU) and European Geosciences Union (EGU)

    Reviewer of the following journals: Global Change Biology, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Biogeochemistry, Plant and Soil, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Environmental Pollution, Atmospheric Environment, Rapid Communication in Mass Spectrometry


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  • Current Courses

    Master’s & Ph.D. Advising

    Soil BiogeochemistryGlobal Change EcologyIsotope Geochemistry

  • Research Interests

    Nitrogen Biogeochemical CyclesGreenhouse Gas emissions and Atmospheric MonitoringApplications of Stable Isotope Techniques


    GuangDong Basic and Applied Basic Research Foundation-General Program (PI)

    GuangDong Basic and Applied Basic Research Foundation-Joint Program (PI)

    Open project from Key Laboratory of Karst Dynamics, Ministry of Natural Resources (PI)

    Research Output

  • Selected Publications

    1. Yu L, Zhu J*, Ji H, Bai X, Lin Y, Zhang Y, Sha L, Liu Y, Song Q, Dörsch P, Mulder J, Zhou W* (2021) Topography-related controls on N2O emission and CH4 uptake in a tropical rainforest catchment. Science of The Total Environment. 775: 145616.

    2. Yu L*, Harris E, Lewick-Szczebak D, Barthel M, Blomberg MRA, Harris SJ, Johnson MS, Lehmann MF, Liisberg J, Muller C, Ostrom NE, Six J, Toyoda S, Yoshida N, Mohn J (2020) What can we learn from N2O isotope data? – Analytics, processes and modelling. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. 34: e8858.

    3. Yu L*, Harris E, Henne S, Eggleston S, Steinbacher M, Emmenegger L, Zellweger C, Mohn J (2020) Atmospheric nitrous oxide isotopes observed at the high-altitude research station Jungfraujoch, Switzerland. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 20: 6495-6519.

    4. Yu L, Zhu J*, Zhang X, Wang Z, Dörsch P, Mulder J* (2019) Humid subtropical forests contribute a net methane source: a catchment-scale study. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 124. DOI: 10.1029/2019JG005210.

    5. Yu L, Mulder J*, Zhu J, Zhang X, Wang Z, Dörsch P (2019) Denitrification as a major nitrogen sink in forested monsoonal headwater catchments in the sub-tropics: evidence from multi-site dual nitrate isotopes. Global Change Biology. 25: 1765-1778. DOI: 10.1111/gcb.14596.

    6. Yu L, Wang Y, Zhang X, Dörsch P, Mulder J* (2017) Phosphorus addition mitigates N2O and CH4 emissions in N-saturated subtropical forest, SW China. Biogeosciences. 14: 3097–3109.

    7. Yu L, Kang R, Mulder J, Zhu J, Dörsch P* (2017) Distinct fates of atmogenic NH4+ and NO3 in subtropical, N-saturated forest soils.Biogeochemistry. 133: 279–294.

    8. Yu L, Zhu J, Mulder J, Dörsch P* (2016) Multiyear dual nitrate isotope signatures suggest that N-saturated subtropical forested catchments can act as robust N sinks.Global Change Biology. 22: 3662–3674.

    9. Kantnerova K, Yu L, Zindel D, Zahniser M, Nelson D, Tuzson B, Emmenegger L, Bernasconi S, Mohn J (2020). First investigation and absolute calibration of clumped isotopes in N2O by mid-IR laser spectroscopy. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. 34: e8836. DOI: 10.1002/rcm.8836.

    10. Kang R, Yu L, Dörsch P, Mulder J* (2020) Nitrification is the primary source for NO in N-saturated sub-tropical forest soils: results from in-situ 15N labeling. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. 34:e8700. DOI: 10.1002/rcm.8700.

    11. Zhu J, Yu L, Bakken LR, Mørkved PT, Mulder J, Dörsch P* (2018) Controlled induction of denitrification in Pseudomonas aureofaciens: A simplified denitrifier method for dual isotope analysis in NO3. Science of The Total Environment. 633: 1370-1378.

    12. Liu W, Yu L, Zhang T, Kang R, Zhu J, Mulder J*, Huang Y, Duan L* (2017) In situ15N labeling experiment reveals different long-term responses to atmogenic ammonium and nitrate inputs in N-saturated subtropical forest. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 122: 2251-2264.

    13. Harris SJ*, Liisberg J, Xia L, Wei J, Zeyer K, Yu L, Barthel M, Wolf B, Kelly BFJ, Cendon DI, Blunier T, Six J, Mohn J (2020) N2O isotopocule measurements using laser spectroscopy: analyzer characterization and intercomparison. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 13: 2797-2831.

    14. Wang P, Lu Y*, Su H, Su C, Johnson AC, Yu L, Jenkins A (2020) Managing health risks of perfluoroalkyl acids in aquatic food from a river- estuary-sea environment affected by fluorochemical industry. Environment International. 138: 105621.

    15. Ibraim E*, Wolf B, Harris E, Gasche R, Wei J, Yu L, Kiese R, Eggleston S, Butterbach-Bahl K, Zeeman M, Tuzson B, Emmenegger L, Six J, Henne S, Mohn J (2019) Attribution of N2O sources in a grassland soil with laser spectroscopy based isotopocule analysis, Biogeosciences. 16: 3247–3266.

    16. Verhoeven E*, Barthel M, Yu L, Celi L, Pullicino DS, Sleutel S, Six J, Decock C (2019) Early season N2O emissions under variable water management in rice systems: source-parititioning emissions using isotopocule signatures across a depth profile. Biogeosciences. 16: 383–408.

    17. Yu Q, Duan L*, Yu L, Chen X, Si G, Ke P, Ye Z, Mulder J. (2018) Threshold and multiple indicators for nitrogen saturation in subtropical forests. Environmental Pollution. 241: 664-673.

    18. Ostrom NE*, Gandhi H, Coplen TB, Toyoda S, Böhlke JK, Brand WA, Casciotti KL, Dyckmans J, Giesemann A, Mohn J, Well R, Yu L, Yoshida N (2018) Preliminary assessment of stable nitrogen and oxygen isotopic composition of USGS51 and USGS52 nitrous oxide reference gases and perspectives on calibration needs. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. 32:1207–1214. 




  • Awards and Honors

    Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship, 2018