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  • Biography

    Dr. Zhenyuan Yin is currently an Associate Professor at Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School. He obtained his Ph.D and B.Eng degree both at National University of Singapore from 2020 and 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Praveen Linga and Prof. George Moridis. His major research interests are energy recovery from methane hydrates in geological media by combining methods of (a) high-pressure experimental design spanning from micro- to macro-scale; (b) numerical modelling of the fluid production behavior from hydrate-bearing sediments by coupling hydraulic-thermal-chemical effects; and (c) the state-of-the-art history-matching algorithms. He is also interested in the broad scope of multi-phase flow, heat and mass transfer, and reaction engineering in the domain of energy and environment (e.g., CO2 sequestration, hydrate-based cooling, etc.). Dr. Yin is open to potential collaborations and discussions.


    2016.01-2019.12 National University of Singapore, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Ph.D.

    2010.6-2014.6 National University of Singapore, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, B.Eng (1st Class Honors)

    Professional Experience

    July 2023 - Present, Tsinghua University, Shenzhen International Graduate School, Associate Professor

    January 2021 - June 2023, Tsinghua University, Shenzhen International Graduate School, Assistant Professor

    January 2020 - December 2020, National University of Singapore, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    March 2019 - April 2019, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Research Assistant

    July 2014 - December 2015, ExxonMobil Corporation, Energy Optimization Engineer

    Additional Positions

    Member of the Gas Hydrate Committee, Chinese Renewable Energy Society;

    Member of the Academic Committee of the Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Natural Gas Hydrates;

    Guest Editor for Gas Science and Engineering;

    Youth Editorial Board Member for Natural Gas Industry;

    Youth Editorial Board Member for Advances in Applied Energy;

    Youth Editorial Board Member for Fundamental Research;

    Youth Editorial Board Member for Carbon Neutrality;

    Youth Editorial Board Member for China Geology;


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  • Current Courses

    Marine Gas Hydrates: Fundamentals and Applications

    Seepage Mechanics and Applications

    Chemical Engineering Principles and Marine Applications

    Literature Research and Paper Writing

    Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Master’s & Ph.D. Advising

    Junjie Ren (Ph.D student, 2021-)

    Jidong Zhang (Ph.D student, 2021-)

    Xiaohui Liu (Master student, 2021-)

    Siyu Zeng (Master student, 2021-)

  • Research Interests

    Energy recovery and fluid production from NGH

    Hydrate-based CO2 storage in marine sediments

    Hydrate-based PCM for energy storage


    - Fundamental behavior of methane hydrate formation and dissociation in sandy media

    - Hydrate-based cooling technologies using semicathrate hydrates

    - CH4-CO2 exchange method for energy recovery and CO2 sequestration

    Research Output

    Total peer-reviewed journal publications: 26

    Publication as 1st and corresponding author: 15

    Total number of citations: 634 (as of 12/20/2020)

    H-index: 12

    Google Scholar:




    Research Gate:

  • Selected Publications

    [1] Zhang, J.; Yin, Z.*; Khan, S. A.; Li, S.; Li, Q.; Liu, X.; Linga, P.; Path-Dependent Morphology of CH4 Hydrates and Their Dissociation Studied with High-Pressure Microfluidics. Lab on a Chip 2024, 24, 1602-1615. (Selected as Lab on a Chip Back Cover)

    [2] Zhang, J.; Li, Y.; Yin, Z.*; Zheng, X. Y.; Linga, P. How THF Tunes the Kinetics of H2 –THF Hydrates? A Kinetic Study with Morphology and Calorimetric Analysis. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2023, 62 (51), 21918–21932. (Selected as Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research Front Cover)

    [3] Liu, X.; Li, Y.; Chen, G.-J.; Chen, D.-Y.; Sun, B.; Yin, Z.*; Coupling Amino Acid with THF for the Synergistic Promotion of CO2 Hydrate Micro Kinetics: Implication for Hydrate-Based CO2 Sequestration. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2023, 11 (15), 6057–6069. (Selected as ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Cover; ESI Highly-Cited Paper)

    [4] Ren, J.; Liu, X.; Niu, M.; Yin, Z.*; Effect of sodium montmorillonite clay on the kinetics of CH4 hydrate-implication for energy recovery. Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 437, 135368. (ESI Highly-Cited Paper; ESI Hot Paper)

    [5] Liu, X.; Ren, J.; Chen, D.; Yin, Z.*; Comparison of SDS and L-Methionine in promoting CO2 hydrate kinetics: Implication for hydrate-based CO2 storage. Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 438, 135504. (ESI Highly-Cited Paper)

    [6] Ren, J.; Yin, Z.*; Lu, H.; Xu, C.; Liu, Y.; Linga, P. Effects of South China Sea Clayey-Silty Sediments on the Kinetics and Morphology of CH4 Hydrate: Implication on Energy Recovery; Applied Energy 2024, 367, 123399.

    [7] Huang, H.; Liu, X.; Lu, H.; Xu, C.; Zhao, J.; Li, Y.; Gu, Y.; Yin, Z.*; Introducing Sodium Lignosulfonate as an Effective Promoter for CO2 Sequestration as Hydrates Targeting Gaseous and Liquid CO2. Advances in Applied Energy 2024, 14, 100175.

    [8] Ren, J.; Yin, Z.*; Chen, G.; Lu, H.; Xu, C.; Zeng, S.; Liu, Y.; Linga, P. Effect of Marine Clay Minerals on the Thermodynamics of CH4 Hydrate: Evidence for the Inhibition Effect with Implications. Chemical Engineering Journal 2024, 488, 151148.

    [9] Zhang, J.; Li, Y.; Yin, Z.*; Linga, P.; He, T.; Zheng, X. Y.; Coupling Amino Acid L-Val with THF for Superior Hydrogen Hydrate Kinetics: Implication for Hydrate-Based Hydrogen Storage. Chemical Engineering Journal 2023, 467, 143459.

    [10] Ren, J.; Zeng, S.; Chen, D.; Yang, M.; Linga, P.; Yin, Z.*; Roles of Montmorillonite Clay on the Kinetics and Morphology of CO2 Hydrate in Hydrate-Based CO2 Sequestration. Applied Energy 2023, 340, 120997.


    Zhang, J.; Yao, Y.; Yin, Z.*. Fluid Production from NGH Reservoir: Fundamental Physics, Numerical Model, and Reservoir Simulation. In Challenges and Recent Advances in Sustainable Oil and Gas Recovery and Transportation 2023, pp 53–80.


    Zhenyuan Yin; 一种天然气水合物开采试验方法及试验装置, 2021-11-12, 中国, 202111637219.9

    Zhenyuan Yin; 可燃冰开采模拟试验系统, 2021-11-08, 中国, 202122696246.5

    Zhenyuan Yin;可燃冰开采方法, 2021-11-05, 中国, 202111295941.9 (专利)

    Zhenyuan Yin;二氧化碳水合物封存实验装置及二氧化碳封存量计算方法, 2021-11-16, 中国, 202111350926.X (专利)


  • Awards and Honors

    2021 Shenzhen High-level Talent Plan

    2020 AIChE Best Postgraduate Thesis Award

    2019 Chinese Government Outstanding Overseas Ph.D. Scholarship