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    Dec.1989, Ph.D. in Solid Mechanics, Tsinghua University, China

    Dec.1985, Master in Solid Mechanics, Hunan University (09/1983-01/1985, trained in Applied Mathematics,

    Peking University), China

    Feb.1982, Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Jiangxi Institute of Technology, China

    Professional Experience

    02/1982~04/1993  Assistant (01/1983), Associate Professor (09/1987), Full Professor in Mechanics (07/1992), 

    Department of Civil Engineering, Jiangxi Polytechnic University, Nanchang, China

    05/1993-09/2022  Full Professor in Mechanics (05/1993), Yangtse Chair Professor (01/2000), Department 

    Chairman (2004-2011), Department of Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

    2022- present   Professor, Institute of Materials Research, Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, China

    2022- present  Director, Double- Helix Centre, Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, China

    Additional Positions

    01/2007~12/2009  Concurrent Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Monash University, Australia

    07/2007~12/2014 Founding Dean of Institute of Advanced Study, Nanchang University, China

    07/2009~present   Chair Professor, Tsien Excellence in Engineering Program (TEEP), Tsinghua University, China

    01/2010~present   Founding Director of Center for Nano and Micro Mechanics (CNMM), Tsinghua University, China

    05/2014~12/2015  Founding Director of XIN Center, Tsinghua University (China) & Tel Aviv University (Israel)

    2018-present   Founding Director, Institute of Superlubricity Technology, Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, China

    2019-present    Founding Principal, Shenzhen Xinstitute, China

    2021-present    Vice Chairman, Community of Teaching, Tsinghua University, China


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  • Current Courses

    X-Ideas                                                               Tsinghua University, China

    Tensor Analysis                                                  Tsinghua University, China

    Advanced Theories of Elasticity                         Tsinghua University, China

    Tensor: Structures, Analysis and Applications    Tsinghua University, China

    Master’s & Ph.D. Advising

  • Research Interests

    2000- Interface Mechanics and Physics: Superlubricity, wetting and transportation, nanomechanics, and their applications in high-end manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and environment

    1985- Theory of Constitutive Equations: Theory of representations of tensor functions and its applications to invariant formulations in anisotropic and nonlinear constitutive equations; micromechanics


    l  Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China

    l   Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    l   Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission

    l  Electricite De France


    l  IBM


    l  West Digital


    l  The Boeing Company


    l  Boeing (China) Co., Ltd.

    Research Output

  • Selected Publications

    [1] Hod O*, Meyer E, Zheng QS*, Urbakh M: Structural superlubricity and ultralow friction across the length scales. Nature, 563 (2018), 485–492.

    [2] Zheng QS*, Jiang B, Liu SP, Weng YZ, Lu L, Xue QK, Zhu J, Jiang Q, Wang S, Peng LM: Self-retracting motion of graphite microflakes. Physical Review Letters, 100 (2008), 067205.

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    [16] Peng DL, Wang J, Jiang HY, Zhao SJ, Wu ZH, Tian KW, Ma M*, Zheng QS*: 100 km wear-free sliding achieved by microscale superlubric graphite/DLC heterojunctions under ambient conditions. National Science Review, 9.1 (2022), nwab109.

    [17] Wu ZH*, Huang XY*, Xiang XJ, Zheng QS*: Electro-superlubric springs for continuously tunable resonators and oscillators. Communications Materials, 2.1 (2021), 1-7.

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    Zheng QS, Fu M-F, Song G-Q (eds., 2002): Mechanics and Its Applications in Civil Engineerings – In Honor of Professor D.-P. Yang’s 70th Anniversary. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press. [in Chinese].

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  • Awards and Honors

    l   Outstanding Educator Award, Chen Yidan Foundation and China Teacher Development Foundation, China, (2021)

    l   Teaching Achievement Award, New Century Development Fund of Tsinghua University, China (2021)

    l   Special Prize for Outstanding Teachers of Baosteel, China (2019)

    l   National Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award (1st Class), China (2018)

    l   National Natural Science Award (2nd Class, 1st Awardee), China (2017)

    l   Natural Science Award (1st Class, 1st Awardee), awarded by the Ministry of Education, China (2008).

    l   National Education Award (2nd Class), China (2005).

    l   National Natural Science Award (2nd Class, 1st Awardee), China (2004)

    l   Yangzi Chair Professor, the Ministry of Education of China (1999).

    l   National Outstanding Specialist (1998).

    l   Hi-Tech Award, K.B. Gao Foundation, Hong Kong (1997)

    l   Distinguished Paper Award, Yokoyama Foundation, Japan (1996).

    l   The Prizes for Young Scientists of China, (11 winners not older than 45 biennially in China) (1996).

    l   Research Achievement Award (1st Class) and Research Project (1st Class), YD Huo Education Foundation, Hong Kong (1995).

    l   National Distinguished Young Scientists, National Natural Science Foundation, China (1995-2000).

    l   1st Tsinghua Young Scientist Award (1995)

    l   Advances in Science and Technology Award (1st Class), the State Education Commission of China (1994).

    l   Outstanding Techer Award (1st Class), Baosteel Education Foundation, China (1994)

    l   Advances in Science and Technology Award (1st Class), the Ministry of Education, China (1994)

    l   Distinguished Paper Award, the Society of Engineering Science (USA) & International Journal of Engineering Science. This Award was initiated in 1994. Professors Q.-S. Zheng and A.J.M. Spencer, FRS (UK) were the first winners (1994).

    l   The Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, Germany (1991-1993)

    l   The Royal Society Fellow, UK (1990-1991).

    l   The first Excellent Young Researcher Prize, the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (1990).

    l   The Chinese Excellent Young Scientist Prize (100 winners awarded biennially selected from all younger researchers not older than 35) (1990).

    l   The 1st Jiangxi Outstanding Scientific and Technical Professional, Jiangxi Province, China (1988).

    l   Distinguished Young Teacher Foundation, the Ministry of Education, China (1987).