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    2014, Ph.D., Xiamen University, Physical Oceanography, advisor: Jianyu Hu.

    12/2011–11/2013, National Oceanography Centre (Liverpool, UK), Joint Ph. D program, advisor: Jeff Polton.  

    2008, B. Sc, Xiamen University, Physical Oceanography, advisor: Jianyu Hu.

    Professional Experience

    9/2020-present, Assistant Professor, Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University

    11/2018-9/2020, Research Assistant, Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University.

    01/2015-10/2018, Postdoc, Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University.

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  • Current Courses

    Regional Oceanography in China Seas, Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (both on the way).

    Master’s & Ph.D. Advising

  • Research Interests

    My goal is to progress understanding of physical fluid dynamics from shelf break regions to coastal seas with a combined way of field observations, geophysical fluid dynamical theory, and numerical modellings. A series of works have been done on wind-induced near-inertial motions. Other research of interest include internal tides, coastal dynamics in region of freshwater influence, and also subjects of ocean engineering related to extreme events in physical oceanography (e.g., storm surge, internal solitary waves ).


    1.     Study on the mechanism of storm surge in coastal seas of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Government, CNY800k, 02/2018-02/2021.

    2.   Influence of topography on the near-inertial motion, General Financial Grant from the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, CNY50k, 06/2016-10/2018.

    3.     The life cycle of submeso-scale process and associated vertical mixing around islands, National Basic Research Program of China (973, sub-project), CNY3600k, 01/2014-08/2018.

    4.   Characteristics and mechanism of near-inertial oscillations in the South China Sea, National Natural Science Foundation of China, CNY540k, 01/2010-12/2012.

    5.     A comprehensive survey in Beibu Gulf, 908-01-ST09, the State Oceanic Administration of China and the Natural Science Foundation of China, CNY21770k, 01/2006-12/2010.  

    Research Output

  • Selected Publications

    In journals (* denotes the corresponding author):

    1.     Shengli Chen, Daoyi Chen, Jiuxing Xing*, Jianyu Hu, and Zhenyu Sun (2019), Features of internal tides observed near the shelf break in the northern South China Sea, Ocean Dynamics, 69: 353-365.

    2.     Shengmu Yang, Jiuxing Xing, Jinyu Sheng, Shengli Chen, and Daoyi Chen* (2019), A process study of interactions between a warm eddy and the Kuroshio Current in Luzon Strait: The fate of eddies, Journal of Marine Systems, 194: 66-80.

    3.     Shengli Chen, Daoyi Chen, and Jiuxing Xing* (2017), A study on some basic features of inertial oscillations and near-inertial internal waves, Ocean Science, 13: 829-836.

    4.     Jiuxing Xing and Shengli Chen* (2017), A process study of the interaction of tidal currents, tidal mixing and density gradients in a region of freshwater influence, Journal of Marine Systems, 172: 51-63.

    5.     Shengmu Yang, Jiuxing Xing, Daoyi Chen*, and Shengli Chen (2017), A modelling study of eddy-splitting by an island/seamount, Ocean Science, 13: 837-849.

    6.     Shengli Chen, Jeff Polton, Jianyu Hu*, and Jiuxing Xing (2016). Thermocline bulk shear analysis in the northern North Sea, Ocean Dynamics, 66: 499-508.

    7.     Shengli Chen, Jeff Polton, Jianyu Hu*, and Jiuxing Xing (2015), Local inertial oscillations in the surface ocean generated by time-varying winds, Ocean Dynamics, 65: 1633-1641.

    8.     Shengli Chen, Jianyu Hu*, and Jeff Polton (2015), Features of near-inertial motions observed on the northern South China Sea shelf during the passage of two typhoons, Acta Oceanologica Sinica, 34: 38-43.

    9.     Shengli Chen, Yan Li, Jianyu Hu*, Airong Zheng, Lingfeng Huang, and Yuanshao Lin (2011), Multiparameter cluster analysis of seasonal variation of water masses in the eastern Beibu Gulf, Journal of Oceanography, 67: 709-718.


    In books:

    1.   Shengli Chen*, Xiaohui Xie, and Jiuxing Xing (2020), Near-inertial Motions in the South China Sea, Chapter 6 in: Regional Oceanography of the South China Sea, WSPC.

    2.    Shengli Chen, and Jianyu Hu (2012), The circulation in the Beibu Gulf, Section 17.5 in: Regional Oceanography of China Seas: Physical Oceanography Section, Ocean Press, Beijing, 341-350 (in Chinese).

    3.      Shengli Chen, Jianyu Hu*, Zhenyu Sun, Zhaozhang Chen, and Jia Zhu (2009), Water mass analysis in the eastern Beibu Gulf in winter 2006. In: Li Y, Hu J (eds) A collection of research papers on marine science in the Beibu Gulf, vol 2. Ocean Press, Beijing, 88-97 (in Chinese).

    4.     Shengli Chen, Jianyu Hu*, Jia Zhu, Zhenyu Sun, and Zhaozhang Chen (2008), Water mass analysis in the Beibu Gulf in summer of 2006, In: Hu J, Yang S (eds) A collection of research papers on marine science in the Beibu Gulf, vol 1. Ocean Press, Beijing, 120-126 (in Chinese).



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