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  • Biography

    Dr. Tingzheng Hou joined the Institute of Materials Research at Tsinghua SIGS as a faculty member in 2022. He received a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from University of California, Berkeley in 2021, and continued working there as a postdoctoral scholar. He received an M.S. in Chemical Engineering in 2016, and a B.S in Materials Science and Engineering in 2014 from Tsinghua University. His research interests include the computational modeling and rational design of novel electrolyte and electrode materials, the infrastructure development for high throughput molecular dynamics simulation, and applying AI for materials science. 

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    Aug. 2016 - Sept. 2021, Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, USA

    Sept. 2014 - Jun. 2016, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tsinghua University, China

    Sept. 2010 - Jul. 2014, B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, China

    Professional Experience

    2022 - present, Assistant Professor, Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, China

    2021 - 2022, Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Berkeley/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

    Additional Positions

    Peer reviewer of Nature Catalysis, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Chemistry of Materials, Research, RSC Advances, Chinese Chemical Letters, etc.

    Developer of the Materials Project


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  • Current Courses

    Master’s & Ph.D. Advising

  • Research Interests

    Coordination structures and transport properties of bulk energy storage materials

    Interfacial reactions and interactions at the electrolyte–electrode interface

    Design and screening of novel energy storage materials

    Infrastructure development of high-throughput simulation methods

    AI for materials science


    Research Output

  • Selected Publications

    [1]Tingzheng Hou*, Xiang Chen, Lu Jiang, Cheng Tang*. Advances and Atomistic Insights of Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries and Beyond. J. Electrochem., 2022, DOI:10.13208/j.electrochem.2219007.

    [2]Tingzheng Hou#, Wentao Xu#, Xiaokun Pei, Lu Jiang, Omar M. Yaghi*, Kristin A. Persson*. Ionic Conduction Mechanism and Design of Metal−Organic Framework Based Quasi-Solid-State Electrolytes. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2022, 144(30):13446-13450

    [3]Tingzheng Hou*, Kara D. Fong, Jingyang Wang, Kristin A. Persson*. The solvation structure, transport properties and reduction behavior of carbonate-based electrolytes of lithium-ion batteries. Chem. Sci., 2021, 12(44):14740-14751.

    [4]Tingzheng Hou, Guang Yang, Nav Nidhi Rajput, Julian Self, Sang-Won Park, Jagjit Nanda, Kristin A. Persson*. The influence of FEC on the solvation structure and reduction reaction of LiPF6/EC electrolytes and its implication for solid electrolyte interphase formation. Nano Energy, 2019, 64:103881.

    [5]Ting-Zheng Hou#, Wen-Tao Xu#, Xiang Chen#, Hong-Jie Peng, Jia-Qi Huang, Qiang Zhang*. Lithium Bond Chemistry in Lithium–Sulfur Batteries. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2017, 56(28):8178-8182.

    [6]Xiang Chen#,Ting-Zheng Hou#Bo LiChong YanLin ZhuChao GuanXin-Bing ChengHong-Jie PengJia-Qi Huang, Qiang Zhang*. Towards stable lithium-sulfur batteries: Mechanistic insights into electrolyte decomposition on lithium metal anode. Energy Storage Mater., 2017, 8:194-201.

    [7]Ting-Zheng Hou, Xiang Chen, Hong-Jie Peng, Jia-Qi Huang, Bo-Quan Li, Qiang Zhang*, Bo Li*. Design Principles for Heteroatom-Doped Nanocarbon to

    Achieve Strong Anchoring of Polysulfi des for Lithium–Sulfur Batteries. Small, 2016, 12(24):3283-3291.

    [8]Chen-Yu Chen#, Hong-Jie Peng#Ting-Zheng Hou#, Pei-Yan Zhai, Bo-Quan Li, Cheng Tang, Wancheng Zhu, Jia-Qi Huang, Qiang Zhang*. A Quinonoid-Imine-Enriched Nanostructured Polymer Mediator for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries. Adv. Mater., 2017, 29(23):1606802.

    [9]Zhe Yuan#, Hong-Jie Peng#Ting-Zheng Hou#, Jia-Qi Huang, Cheng-Meng Chen, Dai-Wei Wang, Xin-Bing Cheng, Fei Wei, Qiang Zhang*. Powering Lithium–Sulfur Battery Performance by Propelling Polysulfide Redox at Sulfiphilic Hosts. Nano Lett., 2016, 16(1):519-527.

    [10]Ting-Zheng Hou, Hong-Jie Peng, Jia-Qi Huang, Qiang Zhang*, Bo Li*. The formation of strong-couple interactions between nitrogen-doped graphene and sulfur/lithium (poly)sulfides in lithium-sulfur batteries. 2D Mater., 2015, 2(1):014011.





  • Awards and Honors

    First-class Award of Natural Science, China Ministry of Education (2019)

    China Top Cited Author Award, IOP Publishing (2018)

    Mitsui Chemicals Graduate Scholarship, Tsinghua University (2015)

    Excellent Graduate Award, Tsinghua University (2014)

    Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award, Tsinghua University (2014)