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    1998.9-2002.7, Bachelor’s degree, Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University

    2002.9-2007.12, Ph.D., Radiation and Environmental Protection, Tsinghua University

    Professional Experience

        2013.12-, Associate Professor, Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University

        2016.3-2017.3, Visiting fellow, CTCB, Queensland University of Technology

        2010.1-2013.12, Assistant Professor, Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University

        2008.1-2009.12, Postdoctoral fellow, School of Environment, Tsinghua University

    Additional Positions

    1. PLOS One, Academic Editor

    2. Environmental Sanitation Engineering, Academic Editor

    3. Catalysts, Guess Editor

    4. Solid Waste Professional Committee of Guangdong Society for Environmental Science, Advisor

    5. Expert Federation of Shenzhen Energy Conservation & Resource Utilization, Advisor

    6. Expert Committee of Shenzhen Construction Waste Comprehensive Utilization Industry Association, Advisor


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  • Current Courses

    1. Case Study of Solid Wastes Treatment and Disposal;

    2. Environmental Risk Assessment

    3. Bioenergy Technology

    Master’s & Ph.D. Advising

    Solid waste management and treatment technologies

  • Research Interests

    Organic waste utilization through biochemical, catalytic oxidation, and chemical fuel cell


    1. National Key Research and Development Program (2018YFC1902901)

    2. Shenzhen Science and Technology Program (WDZC20200817144218001)

    3. Shenzhen Science and Technology Program (JCYJ20200109142831245)

    4. Shenzhen Science and Technology Program (KCXFZ20200201100844824)

    5. Enterprise project (research and engineering demonstration of wet sludge oxidation technology)

    6. Enterprise project (analysis of urban waste treatment and resource transformation system based on water-solid coordination)

    Research Output

    Prof. Li's research outputs include innovative technologies and discoveries in high-solids anaerobic digestion, functional materials for catalytic oxidation, and new systems for organic waste utilization based on liquid catalytic fuel cells; eight invention patents; and more than 100 peer-reviewed papers, including 40 papers on the Science Citation Index.

  • Selected Publications

    [1]Wei Junxiao, Li Huan*, Liu Jianguo*. Curbing dioxin emissions from municipal solid waste incineration: China's action and global share. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2022, 435, 129076.

    [2]Yang Luxin, Chen Liang, Li Huan*, Deng Zhou, Liu Jianguo. Lactic acid production from mesophilic and thermophilic fermentation of food waste at different pH. Journal of Environmental Management, 2022, 304, 114312.

    [3]Cai Jiabai, Li Huan*, Jing Qi. Copper atoms inlaid in titanium-zirconium oxide spherical shell confine free radicals for the robust Fenton-like treatment of complex biogas slurry. Applied catalysis B: environmental, 2021, 298, 120555.

    [4]Zhang Yangyang, Li Huan*, Li Debin. Maximize methane recovery from sludge anaerobic digestion by combining an optimal wet air oxidation process. Renewable Energy, 2021, 179, 359-369.

    [5]Wang Qiao, Yang Luxin, Feng Kai, Li Huan*, Deng Zhou, Liu Jianguo. Promote lactic acid production from food waste fermentation using biogas slurry recirculation. Bioresource Technology, 2021, 337, 125393.

    [6]Feng Kai, Wang Qiao, Li Huan*, Du Xinrui, Zhang Yangyang. Microbial mechanism of enhancing methane production from anaerobic digestion of food waste via phase separation and pH control. Journal of Environmental Management, 2021, 288, 112460.

    [7]Cai Jiabai, Li Huan*, Jing Qi, Li Debin, Zhang Yangyang. Embedding ruthenium nanoparticles in the shell layer of titanium zirconium oxide hollow spheres to catalyze the oxidation of lignin under mild condition. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2021, 411(5), 125161.

    [8]Yu Qianqian, Li Huan*. Moderate separation of household kitchen waste towards global optimization of municipal solid waste management. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2020, 277, 123330.

    [9]Wang Qiao, Feng Kai, Li Huan*. Nano iron materials enhance food waste fermentation. Bioresource Technology, 2020, 315, 123804.

    [10]Feng Kai, Li Huan*, Wang Qiao, Zhang Yangyang, Zheng Chengzhi. Effect of pre-fermentation types on the potential of methane production and energy recovery from food waste. Renewable Energy, 2020, 146, 1588-1595.




  • Awards and Honors

    1. 2010, Leading Talent of Shenzhen

    2. 2015, Qian Xuesen Urban Studies Gold Medal nomination Award

    3. 2017, Overseas High-Level Talent of Shenzhen

    4. 2019, Life Cycle Initiative Award, United Nations Environment Programme

    5. 2022, Excellent Course of Tsinghua University

    6. 2022, Second Prize of Science and Technology in Guangdong environmental protection