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    Aug 2006 - July 2011   Engineering PhD, Material Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University 

    Sept 2002- Jul 2006    Bachelor's in Material Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology 

    Professional Experience

    Tsinghua University, Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School

    Department of Electrical Engineering,   Shenzhen, China

    Associate Professor                                                2020.12-now                                

    Lecturer                                                              2013.09-2020.11

    Postdoctoral Fellow                                               2011.09-2013.08

    Additional Positions

    2011-now, IEEE member, IEEE DEIS member;

    2013-now, China Electrotechnical Society(CES), member and senior member

    2015-now, Member of Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering (CSEE)


    Associate Director, Engineering Laboratory of Power Equipment Reliability in Complicated Coastal Environment (Shenzhen) 

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    Advanced materials (Perovskite type) and its application in ultrahigh voltage transmission lines

    Assessment of composite materials used in high voltage engineering

    Reliability of electrical equipment in extreme environments 

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  • Current Courses

    Gas Discharge;

    Introduction to Dielectrics used in Engineering;

    Analysis of Materials Microstructure 

    Master’s & Ph.D. Advising

    3-5 masters/ year

  • Research Interests

    • Gas Discharge and its application in ceramics fabrication;

      Advanced outdoor materials used in ultrahigh voltage transmission lines;

      Assessment of composite materials used in high voltage engineering with LIBS;

      Reliability of electrical equipment in extreme environment; 


    • National Natural Science Foundation of China (51607101): Quantitative Measurement Method on Line Based on the Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, 2017.01 - 2019.12

    • State Key Laboratory of New Ceramic and Fine Processing Tsinghua University (KFZD201903): Study on Mechanism of Ceramics Sintering at Room Temperature Induced by High AC Field, 2020.01-2021.12

    Research Output

    Authorized Patent, US 15/836,323, Method for inspecting aging state of silicone rubber compsite insulating material, Inventors: Xilin Wang, Han Wang, Weian Ye, Zhidong Jia

  • Selected Publications

    [1] Angxuan Wu, Zhixiang Zhu, Xilin Wang, Nianping Yan, Hongyang Zhou, Rongxia Huang, Guoming Ma, Zhidong Jia, Liming Wang. “High-performance ZnO varistor ceramics prepared by arc-induced flash sintering with low energy consumption at room temperature”, High Volt., vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 222-232, Apr. 2022. (Featured as Front Cover)

    [2] Hongyang Zhou, Xiang Li, Yuchen Zhu, Jieming Liu , Angxuan Wu, Guoming Ma, Xilin Wang, Zhidong Jia, Liming Wang. “Review of flash sintering with strong electric field”, High Volt., vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 1-11, Feb. 2022.

    [3] Hongyang Zhou, Xiang Li, Rongxia Huang, Nianping Yan, Xilin Wang*, Zhidong Jia, Effect of atmospheric conditions on the onset electric field of ZnO and Y2O3 ceramics flash sintering at room temperature, Ceramics International, 2021,47(24):34068-34071,

    [4] Xinran Qin, Fuzeng Zhang, Shaojie Chen, Tingting Wang, Xiao Hong, Xilin Wang*, Zhidong Jia. Characterization of Hygroscopic Insulator Contamination via Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2021, 49(3): 1166-1172.

    [5] Liu Jieming, Li Xiang, Wang Xilin, et al. Alternating current field flash sintering 99% relative density ZnO ceramics at room temperature[J]. Scripta Materialia, 2020, 176: 28-31.

    [6] Xiang Li, Rongxia Huang, Xilin Wang, Guanghua Liu, Zhidong Jia, Liming Wang,A simple optimized design of an electrode to conduct flash sintering at room temperature and low onset electric field, Scripta Materialia, 2020, 186:158-162,

    [7] Jieming Liu , Huang Rongxia, Ruobing Zhang, Guanghua Liu, Xilin Wang, Zhidong Jia, Liming Wang. Mechanism of flash sintering with high electric field: In the view of electric discharge and breakdown. Scripta Materialia, 2020, 187 :93-96,


    Polymer Composites for Electrical Engineering》,Wiley2021Chapter 8, Composite Materials Used in Outdoor Insulation, by Wang Xilin, Jia Zhidong, and Wang Liming


    Method for inspecting aging state of silicone rubber composite insulation material, US 15/826,323, Xilin Wang, Han Wang, Can Chen, Zhidong Jia


    Authorized Patent, US 15/836,323, Method for inspecting aging state of silicone rubber compsite insulating material, Inventors: Xilin Wang, Han Wang, Weian Ye, Zhidong Jia

  • Awards and Honors

    Advanced worker in China Electrotechnical Society(CES), 2020

    ‘Development and engineering application of key insulation parts of UHV and UHV AC switchgear’, Second Class Award of Science and Technology Advancement granted by Jiangxi Province, in 2021;

    ‘The Effect and Preventive Treatment of Alage Growth on Composite Insulation of High Voltage Equipment’, The Second Class Award of China machinery industry science and Technology Award, in 2020;

    ‘Key technology and application of promoting and testing the operational performance of composite external insulation for AC and DC equipment’, Second Class Award of  Science and Technology Award by State Grid Corporation of China, in 2020

    ‘Research and Application of Key Technique of Polluted External Insulation on Power Transmission and Transformation Equipment under Damp-heat Marine Climate’, Third Class Award of China Electric Power Science and Technology Award, in 2019;